Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – Suicide Squad Insider 01 – Story & Gameplay

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League – Suicide Squad Insider 01 – Story & Gameplay

Welcome to Suicide Squad Insider!

In this first episode, the team at Rocksteady deep dives into the main story of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, the Squad’s traversal mechanics, and a peek at the world of Metropolis.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is available 02-02-24 on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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ESRB Rating: M

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46 Responses

  1. Devin Ball says:

    May the true Batman rest in peace

  2. Joe T says:

    I hope the missions have a linear, contained style to it like the Arkham games, I’d hate if every mission was just arena style battles where you have to destroy generators or something

  3. Tobi k says:

    I feel bad for all the layoffs this will potentially cause when it fails. The game actually looks decent so props to the devs, but whoever decided to make it a live service game is just rolling the dice

    • Abiyyu Putra Hassyah says:

      Based on what i heard, the person that you should blame is def the ceo of wb, because not just this game, he also wants MK1 to be live service as well

    • Important_Man says:

      I’m kinda stupid but why does a live service game make it a riskier game?

    • Maryokutaizero says:

      @Important_Man Because unlike classic single player games which simply need to pass a sales threshold to become profitable, live service games need to attract enough players to stay relevant for a projected duration during which those players also need to regularly “invest” in microtransactions for it all to work out. In this particular case the team behind it also had to drastically pivot from their core strengths, resulting in an extremely protracted development cycle that realistically makes it incredibly hard if not impossible for it to become a success.

    • Nykandros says:

      @Maryokutaizero A lot of words just to say “I don’t like transactions and always online”. The game itself looks pretty decent

  4. KindaCrazyCompany says:

    Breaks my heart a bit to see David Hego still here, his work on the arkham games is some of the best artwork ever done for batman. I know the art direction is going to be great, he’s a phenomenal artist and leagues above a lot of them, but he’s just about the last one from OG rocksteady.

    The art direction is going to be fantastic, metropolis and the characters will look great, but that may be the only thing the game has going for it. David Hego is gonna carry any enjoyment I feel.

  5. Harper says:

    “At Rocksteady, storytelling and character depth at the core DNA of our game.”
    Which is why we’re making an live service RPG shooter

  6. Mergs says:

    As a Rocksteady fan since 2009, seeing them make 3 near-perfect games back-to-back, then to go to a RPG Shooter Live Service that looks destined to fail is actually kinda heartbreaking.

    • FrederickUniversal says:

      Stop it drama queen the game hasn’t released yet

    • Colton Wilkie says:

      It’s like with Arkane going from Prey and Dishonored to Redfall. They’re just asking for a failure here.

    • Jay says:

      @FrederickUniversalok you dont need to play the effing game to know its gonna suck

    • OUHYOP says:

      ​​@FrederickUniversalwell yeah, lets wait… Who knows maybe it won’t end up like avengers or i dunno Gotham knights or umm destiny 2 or division 2
      Not saying all of those are like trash, those games are the result of hardwork of different leveled creators and developers etc etc but those games could never compete with arkham series or spider man(tho i dont like it much but still its a solid game)
      In such games there’s much less attention to details, attention to story details coz of its pace. Those party looter money shooter are fast paced so not so bright ppl would just shoot run and have fun lookin at bright hd shootypoopy scenes.
      Those games have their fanbase (thats mostly underaged i think) but there are too many of those games nowadays and thats not what arkham fans would like to expect from rocksteady
      I think that strong story with deep characters and detailed world beats fast paced party game almost everytime
      Anyway just one persons opinion
      Had nothing to do so threw this up here, thx)

    • Michal Poplawski says:

      @FrederickUniversalIt’s not being a drama queen if almost everyone talking about the game most likely being a failure is someone that loves and admires the arkham games. Rocksteady have been forced by WB studios to create a live service game for more money, which rocksteady would have probably wanted to do a singleplayer game without any microtransactions and battle passes. That’s why people are not expecting the game to be successful and enjoyed by them. I want the game to succeed as I myself am a fan of the Arkham Series, but it doesn’t seem like WB studios care about the legacy and fanbase that rocksteady have created.

  7. AlWF says:

    You can tell by how incredible metropolis looks is that they wanted to make a superman game more than a suicide squad game.

  8. Scox Gamimg says:

    I Feel like I should be more excited for this game then I am

  9. NJoint says:

    I always thought the traversal, combat and graphics look great. If it wasn’t a live service game, I would totally dig it. The way it is, I’ll probably wait until it’s 75% off somewhere. There are too many things demanding our attention. I will give mine to things that don’t try to overstay their welcome.

    • Benjamin Giddens says:

      Agreed, the combat has always looked really slick

    • MERCERENiTY (mer•ser•ren•nuh•tee) says:

      “I will give mine to things that don’t try to overstate their welcome”

      I like the way you expressed that.

    • Manin Black says:

      Honestly imo the combat looks boring. I’m glad y’all found something else to hate, because I feel like this is a downgrade from the Arkham games even without the live service.

      Even overlooking the gun aspect, they couldn’t come up with mechanics that actually utilized 3/4ths of the characters? They had to rely on hero gadgets? Insanely weak.

    • Gibley Man says:

      Yea, this mentality of “a game has to last forever” is something I hate so much.
      Just tell a good story, maybe some free updates and then a couple DLCs then move on to something new. You don’t need to make it live-service and deliberately fuk up your game until everyone collectively decides to not care anymore.

  10. HumanAndHalf says:

    It’s really nice that this game is sold at a 90% discount, even if it feels a bit overpriced

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