Summer Walker – Bitter (Narration by Cardi B) [Lyric Video]

Summer Walker – Bitter (Narration by Cardi B) [Lyric Video]

Summer Walker – Bitter (Narration by Cardi B)

‘Still Over It’ Out Now:
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41 Responses

  1. Tk newson says:

    First here and I can’t explain how IM FINNA KEEP THIS ALBUM ON REPEAT 🥰

  2. Diego Santiago says:

    Cardi b is always supportive of upcoming female artist❤️

  3. Luna Clark says:

    The way that Cardi B totally understood Summer from a mothers and womans pov is sickening

  4. Bre Verchelle says:

    This album about to break the internet and go #1

  5. Sianna Lee says:

    Cardi is such a genuine person man!! I love how she supports women in this industry!!

  6. Leo Baby ♌ says:

    I like how Cardi emphasized the fact that Summer should put all her drama back to her music, because at the end of the day – Summer gon’ get ha money and support from us regardless of the ho’s and them lame rumours 🤦🏽‍♀️😁

  7. Jae says:

    Jhene would absolutely destroy a remix of this

  8. Tiana Martin says:

    you can tell summer really put her all into this album. shit hits deep and i feel 4 her

  9. Cutie Pie says:

    I like how she turns her pain and negativity into her creativity and music.

  10. Sheaven Kacy says:

    This Is Fucking Deep…Like Fr. When She Said His Name. It Just Puts You In Her Frame Of Mind.❤️

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