Surviving in an Indestructible Rescue Tank!

Surviving in an Indestructible Rescue Tank!

This is the most capable all terrain vehicle in the world! Today we are using it to survive the harsh wilderness for 24 hours! We must find the hidden supply drops before nightfall to avoid the dangers that come out during the night and successfully survive overnight in this survival challenge.






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24 Responses

  1. Tim Ballard says:

    Guys, for your next challenge, how about doing a combination survival challenge with the SHERP and a homemade boat made from heavy-duty plastic storage containers and 2x4s. There’s a guy on YouTube who made a large raft like this and survived on a local lake for I think 90 days. You can use the SHERP to maneuver your raft from location to location and try and travel from one end of a large river to the other and survive solely in what you can hunt and/or fish. It would make one hell of a series. I love watching what you guys come up with, and I’m looking forward to your next big challenge. Guys, be safe and get those crazy ideas flowing.

    • William Glaser says:

      Yeah the Sherp is mostly a one time deal to make content. The Sherp people invite a lot of youtubers to do content. Some come back if they get a lot of views and a sale. So if you want to see more sherp videos then you need to go buy a sherp and mention that you bought it because the Dangie Bros sent you there. Keep in mind a sherp is 100k. Only a few youtubers really buy a unit. Rich Rebuilds bought one to use in several videos. Yet it sits idle and unused.

  2. ♥ GET ROBUX ON MY PROFILE ♥ says:

    I love howdelivers aggressive positivity to get the message across everyone, to do something good for those who need it

  3. ZombieWerk says:

    Thanks for risking your lives just for content! That’s why your videos are always the best!

    • Reapers breath last death says:

      they really tried way too hard to hype up the danger.
      if you understood that vehicle you’d know it’s essentially unstoppable in that terrain, in fact if they had permission they could easily have run over most the trees there which would diminish time outside, it’s meant as a research vehicle for teams in extreme locations, especially where there might be several terrain types close by.

      and as for animals, most predators stalk the woods,not open fields,i hope i don’t have to explain why.
      besides most animals don’t actually want a fight,just food, especially in the day when they have no advantage, make a rucus and be annoying, most animals will leave, besides they had a crowbar,minus a bear,nothing can withstand a few swings from that,
      only a bear could possibly hurt them in there and the odds just aren’t that high…they spotted one animal of any significance.a porcupine.
      I’ve been camping in tents where in was far more dangerous than this.
      and i did that for fun,youtubers do this for money, it’s their job.

    • Axolotl says:


    • Pre's Bricks says:

      ​@Reapers breath last death fax

  4. #bacon_bacan says:

    Absolute legend for doing this for all of us

  5. Guywithacat says:

    I’ve been watching them since I was little and I can say they’ve never let us down, thank you Dangie Bros❤

  6. SleepyCas says:

    You guys are one of the few youtubers out there who actually make fun and interesting content, keep going with these survival videos, they are really fun

  7. alpha Husky says:

    That truck looks insane you’re guys videos are so amazing

  8. Headset Hero says:

    Dangie Bros Never Fails To Entertain Us.

  9. Sam Henwood says:

    Thanks Guys for risking your lives, you both rock 👍

  10. Lobogamer7 says:

    Respect for risking their lives

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