Suzanne Somers’ Husband Alan Hamel and Son Bruce Reflect on the Star’s Final Moments (Exclusive)

Suzanne Somers’ Husband Alan Hamel and Son Bruce Reflect on the Star’s Final Moments (Exclusive)

Suzanne Somers’ husband, Alan Hamel, and her son, Bruce, chat with ET’s Kevin Frazier about their final moments with the late star. The ‘Three’s Company’ actress died on Sunday morning at 76. Alan and Bruce look back at their time with Suzanne and share how they will keep her memory alive.

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  1. Dina El Alami says:

    This just breaks my heart. You can tell how Allan is grieving so hard. And Bruce is being so honest and forthright about his feelings. My deepest condolences to her family

  2. Amy says:

    Edit to add: this was so heartfelt and I appreciate Alan sharing this with her fans. I’m 40 and have looked up to Suzanne at every stage of my life, my whole life. As as Chrissy, her books, her long cozy sweaters in HSN, my mom and I watched her for hours together on the phone when I moved away with my husband. Past few years on social media… but more than anything I looked up to the love she shared with Alan. My heart is broken. But my god, what a beautiful love, beautiful life

    May she rest in peace. 😢❤

  3. Maggie Pena says:

    Suzanne would be so proud hearing this interview. Loving, funny , sad and most of all honest. What a beautiful interview I can actually feel the love in Suzanne’s family. No wonder she always had a beautiful smile on her face. The smile shows how she truly appreciate the life God gave her till the very end. I get it when the son said he can feel her. I feel the same for my grandma and dad. It’s easier to get through in the most difficult time of losing someone so special. He will be ok cause he can feel her energy and love around him. She would and I am sure she was proud. Everyone loves Suzanne. RIP Beautiful Suzanne ❤

  4. caroline n says:

    Suzanne’s husband and son were remarkable in this interview. What strength they showed and grace, Suzanne would be so very proud of them both. R.I.P. Suzanne 🙏🏻💕

  5. Diane Meier says:

    That was a beautiful and respectful interview. It wasn’t rushed, and very sincere, thoughtful questions. I appreciate how private Alan has always been, so this interview was a lovely thing for him to do. Bruce has a million dollar smile just like his mother. Suzanne was a gem. My condolences to the entire family. ❤💔❤

  6. ivette santana says:

    I was with my mom alone all the way they put her in the cremation chamber and had no support. My sister said goodbye before she died and bailed. The nurses were the ones crying and grieving since my mom had been what they considered a long-time resident at 3+ years in the nursing home. How much love this family has for Summers and husband! To be surrounded by so much love is a blessing!

  7. Chris Wallace says:

    Beautiful love story! Suzanne was not only a beloved actress but she was everything to people searching for an alternate medical treatment when conventional treatment was not working or they choose not to use!! She opened peoples eyes to the disfunction in conventional medical treatment!! Thank you Suzanne!! You will be missed!!

    • Sandra Ray says:

      I agree. My sister did the Gerson Therapy also. Another sister with cancer did conventional medical treatments. Suzanne shared her experience and what she learned but was never dogmatic. She expressed herself with dignity and kindness.

  8. Marcia Kittridge says:

    Sending deepest condolences to her husband Alan, her son Bruce, and her family and friends. Suzanne will definitely be missed by so many. She brought such joy to all of us who have watched her for years. Peace and prayers to her family.

  9. Cassandra Brown says:

    I am and was inspired by her long before I became a breast cancer survivor of 19 years. I believe I have been cured because of changing my diet and stopping with drinking or smoking anything to include hookahs. I followed her lead and am all organic and whole foods as well as grass fed. Beforehand, I never saw food as medicine. Thank you Suzanne!

  10. K Ham says:

    Loved Suzanne, and how she stuck up for herself by requesting equal pay on Three’s Company. I consider her a pioneer for following female stars of successful sitcoms. The industry gave her a hard time, and the media portrayed her as selfish and greedy. However, she showed them all! I loved her books on women’s health, and her cookbooks. Her recipes were delicious, her family stories and the illustrations wonderful. She was ahead of her time with her way of eating foods to stabilize blood sugars. And to aid digestion. Also, her family seems lovely, and her marriage, one to admire. God bless.

    • Anj says:

      She had made her final choice.

    • SKR says:

      I’m sorry she’s gone, but if you watch interviews with the producers of the show, she was asking for more than she was entitled to. She was asking for things not even John Ritter was getting because she thought she was the star of the show, not him.

    • robert wakefield says:

      “they” realized that giving her the money would have paid themselves 10× over!

      She was a trailblazer for women

    • Rebecca Shilling says:

      You know sometimes the honorable thing to do is not feel the need to make a negative comment

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