SZA – Nobody Gets Me (Official Video)

SZA – Nobody Gets Me (Official Video)

SZA’s New Album “SOS” // Available Everywhere Now!
Listen Here //

Director: Bradley J. Calder
EP: Aiden Magarian, Collin Druz
Producer: Ava Doorley
Production Manager: Kevin Douglas
Production Coordinator: Zena Khafagy
1st Assistant Director: John Mingalone
Production Company: Typeface Studio
Director of Photography: Cory Burmester
1st Assistant Camera: Haitao Zeng
2nd Assistant Camera: Cameron Wilber
Gaffer: Ace Buckley
BBE: Harrison Rusk
Electric: Devin Hollinger
Driver/Swing: Chris Winget
Key Grip: Liam Murphy
BBG: Jared Diaw
Grip: Charlie Diserens
Grip: Hana Kim
Grip: Rachel Parrella
Editor: Bradley Calder
Colorist: Matt Osborne / Company 3
VFX: Ryan Zum Mallen / Pendulum VFX
Graphics: Eddie Mandell, Chase Shewbridge, Nicholas D’Apolito
Director’s Rep: HANDS London / Camille Anais Semprez
SZA MUA: Deanna Paley
SZA Hair Stylist: Devante Turnbull
SZA Stylist: Alejandra Hernandez
Truck PA: Breana Perez
Set PA: Sabrina Alvarez
Set PA: Daniel Walsh

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35 Responses

  1. Chrysanthemuse x says:

    I covered my face in shame when I listened to this bc of that feeling of finally admitting that you still have some sort of feelings for someone. Even when they did you so wrong. Thank you for being this real and raw💖

  2. yuhakiri says:

    Sza is really the best artist of our generation, ethereal voice and vocals, crazy pen and songwriting, pure artistry, and hella beauty. I love her so damn much

  3. aerous says:

    what a beautiful song. this entire album is such a masterpiece

  4. Lola Stop thinking Come over says:

    sza puts so much energy into her music you can genuinely feel the flow throw your ears

  5. Heaven Marianna says:

    What a beautiful song. This album is a masterpiece

  6. Ves G says:

    SZA voice is so magnetic.. she just more beautiful every time I see the visual! Classic!! Just a great body of work displayed

    • 44Kilos says:

      Excuse me, take a sec and listen to some of the records I’ve made , then give me ur honest opinion on it. I’d really appreciate it fam 💯. Have a great week

  7. aliciajulia01 says:

    SZA never fails to hit all the right feels. This album is beyond amazing ❤️😭

  8. Alan Santos Cerqueira says:

    Música linda, artista linda, álbum perfeito… pqp essa mulher entrega tudo

    • MANU(LYRICS) says:

      Sim caran , a música é tão boa .. é uma vibe de outro mundo slk , o álbum tá perfeito e ela é lindissima e cm um talento imenso 😍

  9. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    Sza gave us such a personal masterpiece and a huge piece of herself with this song, I can’t stop listening to it. It’s just what we needed ❤

  10. Diesel Clockwork says:

    Not taking any music videos we get from this album for granted 🙏🏼
    This whole project is a experience ❤
    Love you SZA! You have no clue how many small artists you inspire like myself! I hope one day I can make as beautiful music as you 🙂 ❤

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