SZA – Snooze (Official Video)

SZA – Snooze (Official Video)

SZA’s New Album “SOS” // Available Everywhere Now!
Listen Here //

Directed by Bradley J. Calder
Written by SZA and Bradley J. Calder
Featuring Justin Bieber, Benny Blanco, Young Mazino, Woody McClain
Executive Producer Candice Dragonas
Produced by Brendan Garrett & Candice Dragonas
Director of Photography Cory Burmester
Production Designer Tyler Evans
1st Assistant Director Jey Wada
2nd Assistant Director Leland Smith
Edited by Bradley J. Calder
Colored by Dylan Hageman
Beauty by Nazeli Kodjoian at Sunset Edit

Top Dawg Entertainment
Terrence “Punch” Henderson
MeLisa Heath
Jamil Davis
RCA Records
Camille Yorrick
Win Smith
Creative Producers Ava Doorley & Will Noyce
Amber Wilson
Linda Nhem

Cass Meyers
William Andrade
Sage Adams

Wardrobe Stylists Chloe & Chenelle
Hair Stylist Devante Turnbull
Make-Up Artist Deanna Paley
Styling Team Tylo Stewart
Styling Team Ellie Burns
Styling Team Mark Saldana
Styling Team Javier Abarca
Styling Team Jinnah Park
Staff Production Supervisor Mary-Kate Reilly
Production Supervisor Emma Buerklin
Asst. Production Supervisor Xavier Taylor
1st Assistant Camera Bradley Wilder
1st Assistant Camera B-Cam Paul Weidt
2nd Assistant Camera Milana Burdette
Steadicam Renard Cheren
Art Director Brendan Sheley
Art Coordinator Maddie Smurthwaite
Set Decorator Jennifer Lauricella
Leadman Tyler Stein
On-Set Dresser Nikki Bomagat
Hyphenate Adam Kedis
Set Dresser Quill Chase-Daniel
Set Dresser Giles August
Set Dresser Seth Murray
Painter Stacy Watson
Prop Master Dominic Lucero
Prop Assistant Seth Wilder
SPFX Lead Simon White
SPFX Arthur Haynes
Digital Technician Emilio Pousa Rojas
Head Technician Justin Zaro
Lead Crane Operator Robert Warwick Gator
Base Technician Mark Dodd
VTR / Playback Amanda Quesada
Chief Lighting Technician Dimitri Chrisoforidis
Assistant Chief Lighting Technician Louis Weissman
Lighting Technician Louie Cercedez
Lighting Technician Evan Hinds
Lighting Technician Giovanni Silva
Lighting Technician Gordon Hale
Lighting Technician Harry Schroeder
Lighting Technician Dave Wilwayco
Lighting Technician Zane Blanchard
Lighting Technician Luis Sandoval
Lighting Technician Zane Blanchard
Key Grip Matthew Planer
BB Grip Matt Seest
Grip Tony Giordano
Grip Natalie Giordano
Grip Jake Condon
Grip Andrew Small
Grip Connor Colby
Grip Mark Beckerman
Hyphenate 80/399 Erik Covarrubias
Key Makeup Artist Sasha Borax
Location Manager Jason Wisch
Transportation Captain Rick Antonnette
Passenger Van Driver Duke Stevens
Passenger Van Driver Dan Feather
Passenger Van Driver Kevin Barret
Stake Bed Driver Frederick “Frenchy” Dargenton
Motorhome Driver Kenny Gonzalez
Motorhome Driver Brandon Brodecki
Motorhome Driver David Roumbos
399 Wrangler Tatem Forsberg
American Humane Rep Anna Hammond
Craft Services Leslie Paz
Craft Services Sabino Salas Miranda
Craft Services Paloma Aguirre
Medic Jon Schlegel
Production Assistant Robert Main
Production Assistant Joe Vizzini
Production Assistant Beau Clarke
Production Assistant Julia Greene
Production Assistant Austin Barrett
Production Assistant Martin Nazario
Production Assistant Collin Wade
Production Assistant Charnie Dondrea
Production Assistant KG Palmer
Production Assistant Jade Curley
Production Assistant Akil Jackson
Production Assistant TJ Hamouzas
Production Assistant Sophie Smurthwaite
Assistant Production Supervisor Linda Nhem
Asst Asst. Prod Supervisor Xavier Taylor
Production Assistant Ryan Levy

Nudist Christopher Blanchard
Nudist Donarae Dunwoody
Dancer Joya
Dancer Kazia

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25 Responses

  1. Subby says:

    SZA x Justin Bieber is the duo we didnt know we needed

  2. jvk says:

    My favorite song off the album. So glad she finally released a visual! And the teaser at the end! She keeps us wanting more! My fellow Scorpio sis understands the assignment! 🦂🦂🦂

  3. The Counseling Corner Podcast says:

    SZA is one the very few artists who add a spice of specialty and the artistry of her friends and colleagues to put out some of the best music and mv’s in the 21st century. This is why we needa appreciate her moreeee

  4. Kennisha Young says:

    I love love the fact she used different men of different backgrounds, this just shows another side of her versatility! I’m here for more sza! Keep on with the visuals. Keep serving body and keep keeping us obsessed!

  5. ChrisTodiscoTV says:

    SHE IS SUCH A SUPERSTAR! The aesthetic and the outfits got me in a chokehold. She really is so beautiful and also this record is so relatable. So proud of her and her success, she deserves it all. Her aura is so pure and she is such a Divine Feminine. The Universe gonna keep rewarding her! Her show changed my life tbh too and this album is everything to me. We love you SZA! Keep shining babe 🥹👑👏🏼

  6. Pourfavor2023 Poorfavor says:

    Love how Sza’s visuals always allow for deeper analysis. This song is about how much she adores being in love. The visuals depict her going through the motions with multiple men. The initial honeymoon periods and the ultimate downfall that you experience until you love yourself. For those confused about why she’s dancing for a robot, it symbolizes how she can’t be happy with any of the real men no matter who she rocks with. Instead, only a fictional or idealized character will ultimately be enough until she stops “snoozing” on her first love—herself.

  7. Gabriella Whited says:

    UMMMM… wow. YOU look fucking incredible. VISUALS amazing. BODY banging. VOCALS slayed. CONCEPT is incredible. VIBE is ethereal. We’re ready for you mama <3 you're so inspiring 🙂

  8. Felicia Pate says:

    I just love SZA! She’s a whole vibe! This video is perfection, cameos are great picks, visuals are amazing, and SZA is simply gorgeous, her voice is like butter so smooth!❤🎉

  9. Sabrina Khou says:

    This made my entire day mostly because I wasn’t expecting this. JB & SZA is everything 😍😍😍

  10. The Journey says:

    No one could ever snooze on the journey of Sza. Keep up the great work. ❤

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