TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR Concert Film Official Trailer

TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR Concert Film Official Trailer

Get tickets now to see TAYLOR SWIFT | THE ERAS TOUR Concert Film only in theaters in North America beginning 10/13.


The cultural phenomenon continues on the big screen! Immerse yourself in this once-in-a-lifetime concert film experience with a breathtaking, cinematic view of the history-making tour. Taylor Swift Eras attire and friendship bracelets are strongly encouraged!

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25 Responses

  1. my saviour my desire says:

    Her vocal chords are amazing like performing how many songs in a concert and in consecutive days, she’s a monster..

  2. Aimi Aznan says:

    I mean how can we all not love her, she’d give her best when it comes to her fans. I’ve never felt like she abandoned her fans who supported her.❤❤❤ Long live TS & Swiftie.

  3. n says:

    no one in the pop industry will accomplish was taylor did with the eras tour. she IS the moment and she IS history ✨✨❤

  4. Angela Velasquez says:

    Uno de los tours más legendarios que habrá en la vida y todo gracias a la gran y maravillosa TAYLOR SWIFT✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️✨️

  5. Mayura Marathe says:

    I just LOVE her vocals & her voice is magical ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

  6. Ridz A says:

    Its just the trailer, and I’ve already found a new favorite movie for life. CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS 💯

  7. Shivam Trivedi says:

    Taylor is making us international swifties cry really hard these days😭😭

  8. RubyMineluv says:

    She is the revolution. She is so incredible. She is the music industry. She shine like a star. Like diamond. And I’m so proud of her. ❤

  9. aimee says:

    Incomparable, unstoppable, unforgettable. Taylor Swift IS the music industry.

  10. Sophia Gualtieri says:

    Wow, you did it again Taylor, biggest tour in the world. You made all of us swifties who went the the Eras Tour more than happy. I’m so exited for the show and I hope all of you guys are too!

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