Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct 8.31.2023

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct 8.31.2023

Check out the Super Mario Bros. Wonder Direct, featuring roughly 15 minutes of information about Super Mario Bros. Wonder!
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34 Responses

  1. AJ says:

    0:00 Story
    1:44 Flower Kingdom (World’s & Courses)
    3:47 Characters & Enemies
    5:23 New Power-Ups
    7:41 Wonder Flower & Wonder Seeds
    9:25 Badges
    11:15 Play Together (Local & Online Co-op)
    14:15 Conclusion & New OLED Mario Switch

  2. Cole Kiesler says:

    I surprisingly can’t wait to see what bosses are going to be, because the fact that they weren’t shown in the direct means Nintendo must be saving a spicy surprise.

  3. Fabuloons’ Toons says:

    This game is literally as if Mario and friends are in a cartoon! Everyone is animated beautifully! I especially love when Mario jumps off of a vine and flies through the air swinging his arms around, and Yoshi’s new flutter kick! The smears look so stylish! Please keep up this attention to detail, it’s given this game an amazing sense of identity!

  4. albinodino.stevied says:

    This game looks so good… wow. Everything, from the creative course design to the online/local Co-Op. This may just be the best 2D Mario ever created – and that’s not an easy feat.

  5. Novorious says:

    The characters, the backgrounds, the soundtrack, the features, and the plot. This is Super Wonder-ful! You guys never cease to impress us all!

  6. ArmedReject says:

    I love the idea of the other players being shadows in the levels with you even if you arent playing together and still being able to help each other, its gonna be a great game

  7. NightShadow720 says:

    Nintendo totally nailed it with this new DIRECT. Hoping this new Super Mario Bros. game inspires the next Super Mario Maker installment.

    • airborne airborne says:

      if it doesnt imma cry fr fr

    • Max Powers says:

      Super Mario Maker 3 is questionable in my opinion. Arlo mentions it very well that Super Mario Maker 2 didn’t gain as much popularity as the first game did despite the latter being on the underperforming Wii U console.

    • Mateus Mascarenhas says:

      ​@Max Powersguys this game might have its own level editor

    • Someone named someone says:

      I hope it’s the new special course type

    • Funk says:

      I could imagine a DLC for this game and not mario maker, a “maker” dlc. Basically functions just the same as mario maker but with all the unique stuff that makes this stand out from the other games.

  8. Neko Urabe says:

    The online interactions have made me want this game. Seeing the live ghosts playing levels with you makes it feel less lonely in game.

  9. Unbelievably stupid says:

    I like how the jump animation is somewhat reminiscent of Super Mario world. Also, Daisy hasn’t been in a mainline Mario game for over 20 years. This is going to be great.

  10. Bandit_Dot_xml says:

    The speedrunning potential in this game looks AMAZING
    Also yoshi on yoshi is super hilarious to me 😂

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