TEKKEN 8 – Reina Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

TEKKEN 8 – Reina Reveal & Gameplay Trailer

It’s time for them to learn their place.
Reina storms the King of Iron Fist Tournament in #tekken8

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44 Responses

  1. EdsFlowRider says:

    She has the coolest heat smash yet. Just drags her opponent along the ground

  2. NeoKokoro20 says:

    Reina looks like she’ll be my favorite of the newcomers. I can’t wait to play as her.

  3. CrownedKing91 says:

    Hopefully she has a big role in the story. I had my hopes up for asuka since T5 and nothing ever happened

  4. JATUL says:

    Judging from the interactions of reina with jin and kazuya
    I think it is safe to say that she might be related to the mishima
    Since her way of talking is similar to heihachi and kazuya

  5. Jeezes718 says:

    To those curious, according to the leaks that have been circulating for months now, Reina is ALLEGEDLY another of Heihachis illegitimate children like Lars, making her his and Kazuyas half sister.

    Around the time this leak started circulating, someone asked Harada if Heihachi had any other secret children out their besides Lars.
    He responded that Heihachi has at least between 18 to 25 other children, all from different countries.
    And that Harada could only ‘confirm’ 9 at the moment.

    The dude apparently coped with the incident with kazumi by going on a worldwide bangfest and left A LOT of bastards in his wake.

    • sohei says:

      Ig the future of Tekken will involve a lot of infighting amongst heihachi’s children trying to claim his fortune or the zaibatsu

    • DelmelDaunt says:

      Nice theory. The only thing that gets me is that based on her silhouette after her rage art, she has a devil form. So either it has to be another Hachijo, or Jin has a half sister.

    • Jeezes718 says:

      Oh, wouldn’t THAT be a twist?
      Kazuya hated his father but had a secret child just like him.
      It would explain why she would call Jin ‘senpai’.

    • Jeezes718 says:

      I can just imagine, they all gather in a room, and the lightning from their bodies blows out the lights.
      ‘Let’s take this outside, maybe.’

    • Zavial says:

      Damn, they were inspired by Zeus when they created Heihchi for sure

  6. Air puncher says:

    Based on her fighting style, she has learned Taido and parts of Heihachi’s movement

  7. Mohd. Fahd says:

    Wow Reina looks amazing. Her heat smash is just the best one Ive seen in the game till now.

  8. 4Eternaljmh says:

    The soundtrack just bring back the memories of Tekken 1,2 and 3 base lines! Amazing! Fits the character very well!

  9. Raul Riot says:

    And THAT is a nice newcomer. Good design, on point fighting style and nice beat. Love her

  10. Андрей Сотников says:

    Her Taido style is well done, perfect character, beautiful base, great music!

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