Kevin Stefanski’s Locker Room Victory Speech vs. Ravens

Kevin Stefanski’s Locker Room Victory Speech vs. Ravens

Kevin Stefanski addresses the team in the locker room after their massive win against the Baltimore Ravens. #victoryspeech



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35 Responses

  1. Johnny Cardinale says:

    This felt like a culture shifting win.

    • Biff Johnson says:

      They haven’t won a game like that since the 1960s.

    • Emmi says:

      @Biff Johnson ight bruh you gotta be trolling .

    • Sean Hayward says:

      Abso-fucking-lutely! Definitively a culture win. That 14 play 10 minute drive might be the culture defining drive this season too! Beautiful win. Outside of the steeler playoff win, this is the most satisfying win ive watched in 20 years

    • Christian Charles says:

      ​@Biff Johnsonyes they have. The 80s Browns won games like this all the time, 94 playoffs team, the 2020 playoff win against the Steelers. This was a big win but don’t go overboard.

    • Christian Charles says:

      ​@Biff Johnsonthe 2002 and 2007 Browns won big games and the 2020 playoff team.

  2. Ethan Jacobs says:

    That 10-minute, 17-play drive was peak Stefanski.

    • john doe says:

      He called a great game and managed the clock like he has a brain for once. Also showing emotion in this post game locker room speach might be a first we got pit in cleveland it will be rocking 🤘🤘

    • Chase Wharton says:

      That second half was great for stefanski the first half wasn’t there for him

  3. GlowingEyes says:

    2020-21 was a great and memorable year for a longsuffering franchise. Let’s make this one even better. 6-3 with the playoffs in our sights.

  4. Himothy Bobbins says:

    Go browns I was shivering in my Timbers for that one

  5. RWilliams says:

    The key thing he said was… “we’re coming in tomorrow because we can learn from this” keep applying pressure and getting better! Love these guys. 🔥

  6. Greg Cunningham says:

    The only time Stefanski ever curses is during these speeches. Love it! 😊

    • MikeinAZ says:

      It looked like he lost it on the refs over a short clock, never seen that much emotion from him before after they didnt wind the play clock w/ enough time LOL.

    • Sbrabson04 says:

      Our steady captain, keeps the guys level headed. No water in our boat and we gon take this boat the whole way

  7. Ctwn 216 says:

    we just witness our franchise QB be back right before our eyes in the 2nd half

  8. 🍯Honey-butter biscuits says:

    This is the best Kevin stefanski’s locker victory speech he ever had since he came here. Love to hear and see how much trust and love he has for this team and how much players play hard for him and they never quit and that’s why great teams wins in the nfl.Let’s go browns… #extendkevin

    • Edward Gaines says:

      If he really wants to win us over, let his OC call plays too.

    • jvandyck87 says:

      I was going to comment the same thing. Him quoting stats after the Cardinals win…I guess players can feel good about that? But this win was about those more human spirit qualities, and it was important he didn’t make it about numbers or individual accolades or which individual gets a game ball. He picked the right time to make the message of this win all about team and toughness and heart.

    • Mark H says:

      Great victory speech. You can really feel the emotion from Stefanski which says a lot. Enjoy the win.

  9. Mark H says:

    Proud of the team’s performance today. Players, coaches and staff. Everyone. They not only hung in there when the chips were down, but they got stronger. That’s the mental toughness we’ve been waiting for. Enjoy the win!

  10. Chad Frasier says:

    This felt like, idk, almost a culture or organizational defining return. This team does not stop fighting. Go Browns

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