Telling Strangers The Person Behind Them Is Pretty #shorts

Telling Strangers The Person Behind Them Is Pretty #shorts

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23 Responses

  1. TheBoy Wonder says:

    “Man I appreciate you my boy”

    Deadass! This how we gotta keep uplifting each other fellas! Hell! Let’s all just uplift each other man!!

  2. Beachy Cows says:

    Its so nice, theres still hope in humanity!


    see now this is the kinda content I wanna see strangers bothering eachother for

  4. Iman Herzallah says:

    This is so sweet! Keep up the amazing content! If I were them I would’ve gave you my brightest smile! 😀

  5. VeeLike Wolf says:

    Nobody gonna talk abt how that one dude was checking himself out? 😂

  6. Marquice Owens says:

    This made my day it’s so heartwarming

  7. did says:

    The first girl is the type of reaction I would have 💀

  8. Somedudeonaiphone Chilling says:

    The cameraman is more invisible then my dad

    • シsᴍɪʟᴇʏシ says:

      it’s not meant to be like “omg i did this and you won’t believe what happened” it’s a social experiment, people know there are cameras that’s why he’s using his phone as a microphone so obviously lol

  9. Mus Alv says:

    I guess a simple thank you isn’t fitting in today’s standards.

  10. SadFace says:

    “I just wanna say the person behind you is beautiful”
    Me: “Damm, than mirror is hot”

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