telling you guys the truth. | Josie Alesia

telling you guys the truth. | Josie Alesia

I had to tell you guys.

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41 Responses

  1. jminlilac says:

    you don’t ALWAYS have to defend your siblings. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE.

  2. amora says:

    The way that Meche stood up for her own situation Yet Tesss couldn’t do the same IMAGINE at court tho

  3. amari niyazi says:

    as a older sister you should be holding her accountable..

    • Jennyfer Lizeeth says:

      And by that you mean letting THOUSANDS of people send her hate comments? 😂 if it was your little sister you’d do the same but y’all wanna act like saints out her Tessa is 15 I’m sure she’s learned by now and if not boo hoo she will one day just like we all have . But stop acting like you guys are allowed to bully someone over mistakes on THEIR life ,doesn’t concern any of you don’t forget that ❤

    • eliluvssan says:

      ⁠@Jennyfer Lizeethbffr 💀💀 the d riding go crazyyyyy. so what if she’s 15 she should know better that was her friend!! what she did was trashyyyy. not saying she should get hate but what did was disgusting 💀n people have the right to dislike her . i bet u one of those to huhhhh????

    • melarie says:

      @Jennyfer Lizeethawe shes 15 such a baby lets all forgive her and spoonfeed her rainbows🥺

    • ana ❦. says:


  4. Pradaaszn says:

    i love how tessa can start all this stuff and makes other people tell us her problems 😍😍😍

  5. Vale Mu says:

    her sister can talk about the situation but not herself ☠️ dat says alot and js proves everything

  6. jennifer loza says:

    u can tell who’s telling the truth and who’s not by the actions

  7. Isabella says:

    as the older sister u should be telling ur sister when she’s wrong. U don’t need to talk for her actions and what she did wrong

  8. Zayy says:

    thank you for giving us a whole lot of nothing 😍

  9. _kallie. says:

    Imagine needing your sister to talk about YOUR situation that you put yourself in.

  10. d says:

    yess girl thank you for giving us a whole bunch of nothing 😍😍😍

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