Testing Minecraft’s Most Scary (Real?) Myths!

Testing Minecraft’s Most Scary (Real?) Myths!

I Tried Terrifying Minecraft Myths That Are Actually REAL including Secret Stories of Cave Sounds, Blood Rain, Wardens & Enderman with Eystreem!

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21 Responses

  1. Lapo James Amordeluso says:

    Amazing. Another Eystreem video to cheer us up!
    I love these kind of videos, the ones with the scary myths, they send chills down my spine!!!
    Am so looking forward to the next video like this 😀

  2. AlluXD says:


    The wardens AI is programmed into detecting sounds instead of the AI of other animals like cows, wolves or creepers. They can see. The warden runs into anything that makes sounds. This is probably because the warden heard the portal sound and thought it was an entity.

  3. Figure says:

    5:30 That means the warden was created in the nether and tried to defeat the overworld. That portal actually opened to a village. Then he destroyed it. That’s’ why there are Redstone and sculk. The sculk was created from the warden. The sculk is the infection from the warden. They programmed the warden to go into the overworld.

  4. DanielYasin says:

    3:34 the reason the warden is walking to the nether portal is because the portal makes sounds so it follows them

  5. Abin S says:

    I literally just started watching this channel and was like, “ I wonder when the next vid was going to be released.” So far, I am loving this! R.I.P. to the PC’s that have been destroyed.

  6. Lil Angell says:

    Hello eyestreem! I just wanted to clear things up. So in the woodland mansion the mob that spawns in vexes, I think they have a connection to the allays and are the angered souls of villagers that passed away from the illagers, on top of that it could be the players too… Both the allays and vexes are ghosts due to in one of a YouTuber’s videos you say all allays have names that you see when they die, which means that the allays are baby villagers that fell under a spell which turned them into the allays and when the allays died they came back as angered souls,the vex,which also doesn’t make a lot of sense since all vexes that die when you kill them have one name they share. This just came up when I saw this video with the vex when you killed the mob(forgot the name)😳😖😖😖

  7. PandaKyleMC says:

    Why is Eystreem surprised when he figured out something he already knows

  8. MC_Onyx09 says:

    3:19, since the warden is attracted to sounds, the portal sounds dragged him into the portal, hence teleporting the warden to the overworld, MYTH BUSTED

    • Lapo James Amordeluso says:

      Bro, you do know that before attacking, they roar, right? Well, the warden went straight for the portal, like legit just running to it. And bro thinks he is a myth buster 🤣🤣🤣

    • MC_Onyx09 says:

      7:15, chests do not spawn in witch huts

  9. Blue Pineapple Guy says:

    13:27 it referres to the real world as “the long dream of life” and the game “the short dream of a game”. so those words kind of mean “alright, you beat it, NOW GO TOUCH SOME GRASS DUDE”

  10. Kris Lyons says:

    The Blood Rain is most likely an Easter egg for Halloween of that year and only for Halloween

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