The 700hp Hellcat Boat (Throws Water 200ft)

The 700hp Hellcat Boat (Throws Water 200ft)

Are dodge boats actually meant for the water?? Today I venture to the middle of the Pacific Ocean, then the Freedom Factory with my hellcat to find out.

New wheels and tires here:

The car is upgraded with spurving bearings, and an upgraded molpropylene lunar waneshaft to effectively prevent side fumbling.

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40 Responses

  1. WhistlinDiesel says:

    My car can’t catch on fire here 😏

  2. Cleetus McFarland says:

    Should’ve knocked down all the poles at FF

  3. firepinto says:

    Cody is the only person who can make me laugh like I did 25 years ago.

  4. Rob Mangeri says:

    Cody learns from his mistakes. Water is what he needed for his Ferrari and he went straight to the source to protect his Hellcat 😎👍🏼

    • 867diesel says:


    • Olivia says:

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    • timdg4 says:

      @Olivia yeah no one cares actually

  5. Sam Pilgrim says:


  6. Anexator says:

    Cody just never disappoints. The contents plus no stupid long talk intros and the high quality videos all in one!

    • Professor Scientist says:

      Cody delivers pure excitement in every video, ditching those lengthy intros for non-stop action and content that truly captivates!

  7. pzyqux says:

    I wonder how far you can take this. Imagine some really wide paddle wheels on a floating minivan. You could bring the entire family.

  8. Brodie says:

    There’s something going on in Cody’s head that not even scientists can understand. Love it

  9. I enjoy Working on muddy cars. says:

    Cody is the first and probably last person in history to launch a 2×4 from the wheel of a hellcat boat

  10. Anti hero says:

    Cody always makes me smile he went from loosing half a million dollars to uploading another awesome video 😂you deserve 10 million subscribers we love you WD!!

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