THE BANANA GETS PEELED! We Cut The Roof Off Matt’s Off Road Recovery Jeep

THE BANANA GETS PEELED! We Cut The Roof Off Matt’s Off Road Recovery Jeep

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We continue working on Matt’s Recovery Jeep this week as a 2nd Jeep arrives for us to disassemble and salvage parts for the Banana! We get the fenders, all 4 doors from the donor Jeep and grille all prepped. We get the hood braced with a new latch mechanism working. Last but not least we are able to remove the Banana’s roof panel while we prep the new one from the parts Jeep! We have made a lot of progress and finally get all the parts primed!

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18 Responses

  1. Chantha Reth says:

    Enjoying the content! This video makes you feel immersed in the video. Matt be like make it good enough! Robby I’m going to make it Robby Layton good enough. Fine damn quality work!

  2. PeterRabbit59 says:

    I like the way You explain the tools You use & the purpose for them. Matt is not going to recognize the Banana when done.

  3. Axeman Fishing says:

    Loving this channel, its quickly becoming one of my faves to watch. High skill workmanship and detail, funny and high energy. Great characters as well. Can hardly wait to see the banana finished, I think Matt might even shed a tear. 🙂

  4. ThePizzaLife says:

    You can tell how pleased Matt is with your work. Sure, you’re doing more than needed and more than he would really expect, but a professional is always going to do the best work they are capable of within reason of what the project requires. People are going to see your final work. No better advertisement than what you’re doing right now.

    • ben Whoisthis says:

      Did Light steal your comment? An hr ago he posted a comment almost word for word what you said.

    • ben Whoisthis says:

      a guy did the same thing to me with my comment on a different channel only his name was dark. He had a checkmark like this guy and if you look at Light’s profile the only video that shows up oddly is “dark is everywhere…” ??? 🤨🤔

  5. Felipe Rodriguez says:

    Its awesome to see a shop with so much pride in detail. Seeing Robby skilled and hands on, instead of just walking out of a office throwing out expectations is awesome. I always wondered how those hard to fix seems get straightened out. They make it look easy . Not sure if anybody remembers the bad liner work Matt had to deal with on the Morrvair. The Banana is in good hands.

  6. Tony Hill says:

    My first time watching you, and I really appreciate your attention to detail, your explanations of what’s going on and WHY you do things a certain way, and the entire experience. Thanks for bringing us along.

  7. Todd Bossard says:

    Love the content. Everyone in the shop has there own personality that comes out in the videos. Makes for good watching. I came over from Matt’s Channel and I am sure glad I did. You guys are killing it. Thanks for what you do.

  8. PNW RC says:

    Its awesome watching this project move along. The amount of attention to detail you are putting into doing this project is awesome!

  9. CheapRVliving says:

    I have ZERO interest in body work, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this video—GREAT WORK!

  10. Light says:

    You can tell Matt is pleased with your work; sure, you’re doing more than is required and more than he would expect, but a professional will always do the best work they are capable of within the constraints of the project. People will see your final work; there’s no better advertisement than what you’re doing right now.

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