The BEST Spider-Man movie *The Amazing Spider-Man*

The BEST Spider-Man movie *The Amazing Spider-Man*

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  1. Adrija Mukherjee says:

    Dylan’s clothing and hair evolution needs to be seriously studied.

  2. Jeonghan's halo says:

    The chemistry of Emma and Andrew and the whole character arc of Andrew’s spiderman along with his charm is soo good. This movie is heavily underrated. Plus, thanks Dylan for making my monday so much better. Your consistency is much appreciated!

    • Arturo says:

      Funny how all spiderman actors end up dating their co-starts but yeah, Andrew and Emma have the best chemistry on-screen

    • IDefinitelyTapped says:

      I think they suck at least on screen. I find the no direction just film them being a cute actual couple stuff was weird and the whispering thing they do. My only problem with the films now. I used to not like Garfield’s Peter either but I’ve gotten over that over time. I cringe every time they have a love thing to do on screen.

  3. Jacob Healy says:

    “I’ve been bitten by a love bug” is the saying that Gwen was referring to. She thought that’s what peter meant when he said he was bitten so she responded “so have I”

  4. AnnaLynn Blackwell says:

    Okay I want to clarify stuff that Dylan was confused about! Gwen is a SENIOR at midtown high and she’s just the head of the interns. When she said she has “been bitten too” she’s meaning by a love bug. The guy didn’t just steal a 6 pack of beer he took the entire register too! Love your videos! This movie is one of my favorites!

  5. K says:

    this movie has only recently climbed up peoples’ spidey movie ranks. when it first came out, majority hated it mostly cause they were too attached to tobey’s. i’ve always loved it tho. it has been my favourite rendition of spider-man since the first time i watched it. the most comic accurate spidey out of all. the jokes! the quips! the mannerisms! the romance! i do hope they deliver if they ever make a 3rd movie. garfield is a treasure!

    • guyhathan saintil says:

      well he wont get a 3rd movie but hes in venom 3

    • Jenna says:

      I thought the way the movie set up was still seen as bad though based on video essays I’ve seen online about it (along with the second movie) but the actors did a great job with their roles for sure

    • jezzarte says:

      It’s my favorite too!! I love how Garfield portrayed Peter, such a chaotic spidey, love him! And he also had the most traumatic events, hit after hit 😭😭

      PD. Love your pfp, minnie 🥺

    • Ellie says:

      The hate the movies got was so undeserved. Were they perfect movies? Of course not, but the hate it got was so ridiculous. Andrews peter is what made me fall in love with Spider-Man. I’m glad he’s getting more love now

    • Pininja says:

      ​@guyhathan saintilhow would ypu know

  6. Nina Cael says:

    ugh i LOVE andrew’s spiderman. there is such a profound sadness in andrew as a human (he always looks like he’s in a bit of pain, even when he smiles) and it made for an impeccable portrayal. im a fairly new marvel fan but i do think they didn’t give him a third movie bc it got too dark and too real – just my guess. does anyone know why they stopped at 2?

    • sav says:

      everyone (at the time) hated tasm 2. they thought that the script was awful and that the movie was rushed. a lot of fans were wondering why they were forcing too much villains in the film, mostly bc of management forcing so that they could sell more toys (money talks). aside from the mixed reviews, the movie bombed in box office, and a lot of fans also thought it was too depressing. who would expect (kid or adult) that a superhero movie would let you leave the cinema feeling depressed. all of these plus the sony hack of 2014 ultimately led to the cancellation

    • Cat says:

      The person above already explained why they didn’t continue, but I just wanna add that now that they brought him back in No Way Home, theres a small, tiny chance that they could make a 3rd movie, it kind of opened the long closed door to that possibility. Especially since everyone was praising his performance in No Way Home, and bringing up how good his movies actually were. People are hoping they will make a dark version of his spider mama since he said he stopped pulling his punches after Gwen died. Anyway, it’s just wishful thinking lol

    • Nina Cael says:

      @Cat thank you both! and yes he was amazing in no way home 😭 that redemption moment with MJ was heart-wrenching

    • Cat says:

      @Nina Cael fr 😭

    • Trix Fuego says:

      They actually stopped because Peter was getting too old. That’s what they do, the Spider-Man character is trapped in a coming of age story. When Tom finally becomes too old, they’re going to start over again.

  7. Jessie says:

    Petition for Dylan to be the next spiderman

  8. Cat says:

    I personally liked Andrews Spider-Man the best, and Gwen was the best love interest, the only problem is that the rest of the the movie is lacking (In my humble opinion.) And he was the best character in No Way Home, too

  9. Kate Wilson says:

    Dylan ignoring every new long-awaited movie and instead choosing the most random stuff he can stumble upon is honestly kind of inspiring.

  10. Nnn says:

    “Oh, she’s a single field? She’s not even multiple fields.” Why did I laugh so hard at this? 😭

    Dylan was having a good time with this commentary. We love to see it.

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