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41 Responses

  1. OfflineTV says:

    Go to for 15% off your order! Brought to you by Raycon.

  2. Merina Lynn says:

    lily forgetting that people can lie is actually hilarious

  3. マイア says:

    “You’re not proud to be Filipino?”
    “Wait no, that’s a classic Filipino trait”
    As a Filipino, I can 100% say that this is a fact.

  4. Gryph0n says:

    I love that the Asian guy giving the literal perfect white answers was standing right next to the white guy giving the literal perfect Asian answers

  5. Navitus says:

    Ok we’re gonna need another one of these. This was way too entertaining.

  6. 桐崎ルミ says:

    The crew repeatedly asking Number One expecting to catch him out and get some conformation that he’s Asian but Number One just consistently giving the whitest answers possible with no hesitation. As an Asian myself, this killed me

    • BtchPls says:

      Same ahhahaha and also the OTV reactions whenever No. 1 answers is so funny xD like ” This Mf-er!” such troll genius though

    • BuzzBomber says:

      Like they said, his answers were literally the perfect wrong answers. Where I knew he was lying was when he said his Italian American parents didn’t beat him, I know several Italian Americans and the amount of spoons broken over heads is unreal.

    • Weaselwez says:

      @BuzzBomberthats how i knew he was lying when he said he didn’t get beaten as a kid.

  7. Namseong says:

    Hearing OTV’s Asians and Tenzin asking all the right questions from racial stereotypes to childhood trauma is absolutely hilarious *_but it hits a little too close to home at the end…_* 🤣

  8. John Grimm says:

    The fact that Toast and Michael are so fucking analytical in this compared to other OTV videos, is so funny.

  9. Jay Nguyen says:

    This was actually a really good format. Much funnier than when it’s the contestants trying to guess

  10. HyperBoltK says:

    Toast and Scarra’s calculated analytics and Michael and Lily’s Crackhead analytics is just way too funny to me

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