The Cryptid Iceberg Begins

The Cryptid Iceberg Begins

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DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational purposes. The events described and shown are historically/artistically significant and the content should be treated as a comprehensive recollection/analysis of events. The actions mentioned are in no way condoned or acceptable to myself or those who featured in the creation of this video. Any events or images depicted are artificial and in no way condone behavior of similar category. Please view responsibly, viewer discretion is advised.

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35 Responses

  1. @Wendigoon says:

    Click my link to get a 1-year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D3K2 & 5 travel packs FREE with your first purchase!

  2. @BrokenFingerParadise says:

    “Understandably Mother Leeds was upset and cursed the unborn child” As you do. Not sure that helped the situation.

  3. @ThoughtPotato says:

    A tier list AND an iceberg? What unending joy

  4. @Deflower-me-tap says:

    Excellent video, but, as an Australian I feel the need to make a few corrections about the Thylacine. Firstly, it’s pronounced “Thylaseen” secondly, the Thylacine is likely on the list, not because it’s a weird extinct animal, but because after it’s extinction there were many sightings of the creature, and even today many people still believe that there are some out there still. But aside from that, great video!

  5. @pkducklett944 says:

    As a Michigan native, I’m so happy to hear you talk about the Dogman. I think your placing in the tier list is pretty fair, since, if I’m remembering correctly, the Dogman song that was written and played by the disc jockey was meant to be a joke/prank that grew to take on a life of its own.

  6. @xTaintedRedx says:

    As a Vermont native, I respect the D tier for Champ. I love horror and the mystery of cyptids, but Champ is just a little guy, he means no harm 💕

  7. @azzyx8870 says:

    As an Australian I truly appreciate you making the distinction between Tasmania and Australia 😉

  8. @bruuuuuuuhh says:

    wendigoon could make a 5 hour iceberg about vacuum cleaners and id watch it on repeat for an entire year. thank you, Iceberg Boy.

  9. @Otis_. says:

    My mom once lied to me that she ran over the Goatman and ate his remains. I was more freaked out by her than the cryptid after that.

  10. @commercialchase8442 says:

    Wendigoon is the only one who can make a 10 minute intro and not completely lose me

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