Will this Old Camper RUN & DRIVE Out of the Woods?

Will this Old Camper RUN & DRIVE Out of the Woods?

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I bought this camper a year ago with intentions to fix and sell it, but recently I had to tow it out to our campsite to prep the yard for winter. Lets see if we can bring it back to life, and put it back on the road!

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40 Responses

  1. @flurpoid says:

    That interior is really in good condition. This is overall a pretty dang nice example of one of these.

    • @JunkyardDigs says:

      Come and get er😂

    • @cicero_21 says:

      @@JunkyardDigsI would if I had the money laying around. Toyotas and Hondas cannot be killed.

    • @nahno767 says:

      ​@@JunkyardDigsI will!

    • @rwaitt14153 says:

      @@nahno767 Go get it, buddy. If it wasn’t half the country away I would too. It is a very nice little RV. Kevin can keep the crappy Chilton’s Manual. Those things are pretty much useless for Toyota pickups of that era. There is technical knowledge that needs to be known but it ain’t really in that book.

  2. @RockAfireExplosionFan says:

    Are we going to ignore how Kevin just took a possum off a tree and treated it like a cat? That killed me.

  3. @MushyYeahRBX says:

    Thanks for making the day just a tiny bit better, digs.

  4. @wdjones4735 says:

    Ezra is always fun to watch!!!! Thanks for including him on another camper will it run and drive adventure👍🏻
    How much are you going to sell that little Dolphin for? I’d love to buy it🙂

  5. @AutoWizardWorkshop says:

    It always makes me incredibly happy when Kevin posts.

  6. @traxxpaxx8254 says:

    the maf sensor has a flap in it that closes the circuit for the fuel pump. So if that engine isn’t sucking any air your fuel pump ain’t pumping. Found that out myself a few years ago working on an old Toyota truck that had been sitting in a storage locker since 1997. Took me 3 days of stress to learn that.

  7. @davidannen7448 says:

    You should 1) keep it and 2) replace the timing chain. You can do the whole thing for $100 easy, and it will probably drastically improve the drive quality and resale value. Also, if I’m correctly remembering the fuse box from my ’87, you are missing the fuel pump relay. Also, check the frame for rust before you try to sell it. Without frame rot, you might be looking at 3-5k for that thing.

    • @VTOffRoadAdventures says:

      I did the chain job on mine last year for about $100. Took me about a day in the sun and it still runs great. Just make sure to get the metal chain guides, the plastic ones will break again.

    • @davidannen7448 says:

      @@VTOffRoadAdventuresMine should’ve taken a day…

      The previous owner had over-torqued the harmonic balancer to hell and back. I ended up having to grind the head off the bolt and get a new balancer. luckily, by some miracle, the threads in the crank were undamaged.

  8. @chevymontmarlo says:

    These are neat. Someone in my town has one sitting behind the house who also has or had a eagle. Also it would be a neat idea to do a revive revival like revive the eagle wagon you have by sticking a (modern) 4.0 engine in it

    • @TestECull says:

      God no. That’d just make it worse. I’d sooner see them swap ye olde iron into modern garbage that died early-but-right-on-time. Like, say, grabbing anything with a Ford 4.0 SOHC in it and Windsor smallblock swapping it.

    • @chevymontmarlo says:

      @TestECull  no I mean jeep inline 6 4.0. The good engine after the 4.2 I6

    • @zakbrown7859 says:

      @@chevymontmarlo 4.2 still a better engine in my opinion, only ever needed a good carburetor on it, the stock ones sucked a bit

    • @swamp-yankee says:

      Ha imagine putting a Chrysler engine in a Toyota

    • @TestECull says:

      @@chevymontmarlo Anything with EFI is automatically shit in my eyes 🤷 And I dont think you’re gonna get a straight six under that hood..Better to grab a v8.

  9. @sd01 says:

    For what it is, that’s actually a pretty nice looking rig.

  10. @popanz25 says:

    Just discovered this channel yesterday. Needless to say I have watched about 8 hours since yesterday morning.. subscribed of course. amazing channel and very entertaining. From one Iowan to another, keep up the great work.

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