The Cryptid Iceberg Reborn

The Cryptid Iceberg Reborn

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DISCLAIMER: This video is for educational purposes. The events described and shown are historically/artistically significant and the content should be treated as a comprehensive recollection/analysis of events. The actions mentioned are in no way condoned or acceptable to myself or those who featured in the creation of this video. Any events or images depicted are artificial and in no way condone behavior of similar category. Please view responsibly, viewer discretion is advised.

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30 Responses

  1. @ManOManyNames says:

    I’m so hyped for the 26 hour long mega compilation when this series ends in 12 years

  2. @IamMenace173 says:

    I like how as Wendigoon’s closing out the video, the sun is steadily getting brighter and brighter. Very poetic in a way, especially being as positive and inspirational as he is.

  3. @00WhiteBlade says:

    13:10 MUKADE – KUJIRA
    14:20 SKINWALKER
    15:40 MALA – GILAGE
    17:12 LUTOULANG
    20:42 HODAG
    23:51 SIREN/SIRIN
    26:32 MEGACONDA
    28:34 DWARVES
    32:05 MAN-MONKEY
    36:16 MACAS MAMMAL
    37:14 MOKELE – MBEMBE
    39:24 YEREN
    41:33 DEVIL MONKEY

  4. @colonelofrky5065 says:

    I haven’t actually watched one of your videos in quite some time and have rather listened to them. Let this be a testimony to your consistent skill in narration and not a falter of your production and editing. The quality of your videos are catching up to your talent. I have sat completely through this video twice studying the way you have improved in your craft. You sir are truly a genuinely an inspiration to someone who wants to make more strides in their own creative works. Thank you sir, carry on, and love and humptiness forever!

  5. @LuanaCaps99 says:

    I’m half Brazilian and most of my family there are from the Amazon. my great-grandpa (who literally grew up in the rainforest) always used to scare us with the Anaconda stories he experienced as a child. The Megaconda (or an anaconda almost as long & wide as you say) is actually a “real” thing. I think this one guy even went on the joe rogan podcast to tell his story of going into their habitat and seeing one, only to have the indigenous laugh in his face after the event, saying “that was still a rather small one”. I think the Megaconda as you describe it 100% used to exist, but there still are HUGEHUGEHUGE Anacondas in the Amazon (about 1.5-2m diameter). they just dont come out in the daylight and dont move their location a lot as they’ve become such predators and don’t have to actively go on hunts anymore. apparently, they just wait on the surface of shallow waters for prey (kinda like gators). Not saying the cryptid is real but tbh from what I know i dont think it’s a myth either, somebody correct me if I’m wrong tho 🙂

  6. @damianvanlier4043 says:

    It cracks me up when he goes a tangent about larger sized versions of animals and just ends it with, “Dont care big monkey moving on.”

  7. @DanteTheSlayerX says:

    Who needs a New Year’s Eve party when you can binge watch the cryptid videos 🔥😤

  8. @spyrofrost9158 says:

    Happy New Year Wendigoon, and to all the rest of you! Keep your eyes out for them cryptids!

  9. @IamMenace173 says:

    I love this series, and I view it less as an Iceberg Series and more as a encyclopedia of cryptids, which I’m very much a fan of. Love your content, Wendigoon, and thank you for inspiring me to start making videos myself earlier this month. God bless, and have a wonderful day.

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