Target Shopping with my Ex

Target Shopping with my Ex

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My ex girlfriend tara yummy and i shop for snacks at target then do a snack haul mukbang! oh and johnnies here too

Sub to Tara! @Tarayummy
Sub to Johnnie! @JohnnieGuilbert


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51 Responses

  1. @Jakewebber9 says:

    the hottest new band merch

  2. @anythingforpeeta says:

    How great is Tara! Supporting and taking the retired Latina lesbian out to target! #Kindness 🍷 🏳️‍🌈

  3. @Bestgranny_bertha says:

    So nice of Tara for monitoring Joanna and Jacqueline to make sure they don’t do anything bad 😊❤ thank you Tara

  4. @vergeofvomitting says:

    tara is the best lgbt ally i know! always taking those two nice pregnant latina lesbian ladies to places!! she’s such a kind heart

  5. @TubbeeSlayz says:

    Watching johnnie be left out yet still being funny is so cool

  6. @TheeMakennakaylaa says:

    I absolutely love Tara throwing shots at Jake 😂 he’s so shocked like he wasn’t asking for it

    • @gymnasticsismysuperpower1941 says:

      I know I want them to get back together so bad I was like plz will watching the video then when they hugged I felt magic then Tara looked at Jake and I thought she was about to kiss him plz get back together ahggg

    • @vedrancorluka2196 says:

      ​@@gymnasticsismysuperpower1941that is a very unhealthy mindset

  7. @stevifields7922 says:

    I think Tara will always be in love with Jake. You can literally see it in her eyes when she looks at him

  8. @Xxharp3r_is_c00lxX says:

    Wow so nice of tara to take these elderly lesbian tinas out of the nursing home ❤

  9. @lainytriesgaming2329 says:

    the most iconic trio to exists I love that Jake can hang out with both his ex girlfriend and current girlfriend without any drama! So cute 🥰

  10. @rbuckel says:

    Johnnie sitting in the back of the car is me always😂 Just being quiet, interjecting once in a while, looking back and forth between the two people talking, looking awkward as hell.

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