The Cuphead RIP-OFF That Gets EVERYTHING Wrong

The Cuphead RIP-OFF That Gets EVERYTHING Wrong

This is a very long video about Enchanted Portals. This game hurts my brain. Enjoy!

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30 Responses

  1. Peter Griffin says:

    I think the developers need to understand that, spamming enemies doesnt make your game challenging, it just makes it unfair

  2. Wes Guffey says:

    The thing is, the idea of going to different worlds and changing art styles to each world is an interesting concept. If they leaned more into that concept it would have helped distance themselves from Cuphead more.

    • Luiz Eduardo Gomes Ribeiro Penna Franca says:

      True, the artstyle change does help, heck, make that the artstyle change changed your attacks and such, but not major changed like full gameplay changing, just, stuck on one special bullet and now you have to learn how to hit the enemy with said bullet or can only melee.

    • Avimation says:

      @Luiz Eduardo Gomes Ribeiro Penna Francayeah like one second it could be cartoony and the next could be like the creator’s actual art style OR they could’ve removed outlines to make it look better

  3. BootsDotEXE says:

    Imagine how cool it would’ve been if with each world, the artstyle would change to match the “story” they’re in. It’d fit thematically with the game’s lore and story as if they’re jumping from book to book

  4. Roger Cheeto says:

    I think if they had shifted art styles all the time throughout the game, it would have been more interesting and at least been less obvious with how they were cutting corners

  5. Hippity Flop says:

    The style change thing could have been so much more if 2 things happened.
    1. It happens for every boss
    2. It happens at the start of the boss with some thematic reason, giving it the vibe that you’re in a different story (Which is what I guess the devs wanted to do for the plot?)

    • Mettaton48 says:

      Honestly they could’ve had it done for the second phase of every boss and it still would’ve worked fine in a “First phase is in the main style then they switch to something unique to the boss for the harder phases” way.

  6. Philip Johnston says:

    Here’s a story I came up with about this game’s story: While cleaning the study room of their mentor, two witches in training accidentally knock a powerful spell book onto the floor. Their mentor had told them to never use the book, for they were not yet ready, but the witches in training didn’t listen. The spell the kids had cast sucked them and the book into new worlds they had to fught through to get home, eventually leading to the witches in training having to fight the book itself! The witches in training finally returned home, and got scolded by their mentor for not listening to his warnings about the book.
    Makes sense right?

    • Lin Hero says:

      Reminds me a bit of Epic Mickey’s story actually.

      The first game specifically.

    • FrozenBurst 64 says:

      The only issue that I don’t get is why the book is aggressive to the players. There was no explanation for why it ran away, or why everyone is just aggressive to you.

  7. AJ says:

    this game feels like what cuphead would’ve been if MDHR didn’t quit their jobs and remortgage their house and put everything on the line for the game

    • I Am The Guy 459 says:

      When you put it like that, the quality of this game seems a lot more reasonable

    • Samuel Linn says:

      oh and if MDHR were constantly harassed for being a copycat of a more popular game.

    • dittomaster says:

      @Samuel LinnIgnore the haters. and also wait another year or so and not release a game inspired by a very popular one right after it came out. If they started development now and we’re like “this game is inspired by cuphead” people would eat that up because people want more cuphead now. They announced during peak cuphead.

    • That one Rotom says:

      @Samuel LinnWhat were they being compared to?

  8. I Am The Guy 459 says:

    This game shouldve honestly gone fully into the animation style change gimmick. Have every level be about a different style or era. It would of probably taken a lot of work, but i think that would make the game so much more original

  9. SkarkDogy says:

    So, I’m not sure how well known this is, but I’ve seen it questioned a lot in so many critiques of this game, so I figured I’d share.

    The reason why the trailer has so much more polish that the final game doesn’t is because it was commissioned. A lot of the trailer was paid for to look promising so they could present a product that didn’t exist yet. The game made afterwards is simply replicating the trailer as best as they could without the skill of the artists of the trailer. That’s why flash animation is used for a LOT of the game (best example of this imo is the cow’s final phase where its leg movement is clearly not hand drawn and is pretty clearly flash animation). The devs probably underestimated how time consuming and costly this type of polished animation would be, which is why the lack of polish is so visible when comparing the fights in the trailer.

  10. nightmare arcade says:

    The funny thing is I think the random art style changes the game has could’ve saved it imagine if in the original trailer for this game it starts with the 1930s but as it goes on it shows the game changing styles with each world I feel like if they did that the game’s kick starter would’ve succeeded and the game would never have gotten the reputation it has.

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