100 Days – [Xbox 360 Minecraft]

100 Days – [Xbox 360 Minecraft]

Xbox 360 Minecraft, was the beginning of Minecraft for many of us, including myself. In this 100 Days video watch Luke TheNotable survive in Minecraft as he first played it over a decade ago. It’s going to be an adventure.

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00:00 – 4:41 Day 1 – 10
4:42 – 7:43 Day 11 – 20
7:44 – 11:00 Day 21 – 30
11:01 – 15:21 Day 31 – 40
15:22 – 17:48 Day 41 – 50
17:49 – 20:18 Day 51 – 60
20:19 – 22:42 Day 61 – 70
22:43 – 25:05 Day 71 – 80
25:06 – 26:59 Day 81-90
27:00 – 30:00 Day 91 – 100

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30 Responses

  1. Luke TheNotable says:

    the likes is the nostalgia level

  2. Blu says:

    There’s something kinda nice about the simplicity of old versions of minecraft. Notably nostalgic.

  3. Tyler Tibbs says:

    man, this is beautiful. When he played old minecraft that was like pre-history but this, this is just straight history. Forgot all about this stuff but it awakened memories and i could not be more happier

  4. Minyeti18 says:

    This feels so nostalgic to me, I was introduced to Minecraft on the Xbox 360 and also played it without any Updates, so this is a complete trip down memory lane

  5. mara MPK says:

    when ever luke uploads, the day is automatically better

  6. CamHeClutch says:

    I remember playing minecraft on the ps3 for hours with my dad, and i absolutely miss those days. So nostalgic and perfect.

  7. Thomas Fan88 says:

    It’s so weird watching this with no ad block but also somehow not getting a single add. It almost felt like a suspense horror game, knowing one will pop up eventually but that you’ll never know when, where, or how abrupt it would be. Even after finishing I’m still on the edge of my seat, waiting for an ad

  8. SolarPrime says:

    That crafting menu just hit me like a nostalgia freight truck

  9. Tailmo says:

    Man, the amount of nostalgia i’m having rn is insane. still have my original 360 with the original copy from like 9 years ago. man i’m old

  10. Qocket says:

    Man, this takes me back to the days of watching JangBricks give Minecraft world tours.

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