The DC Check-In With Colby Covington

The DC Check-In With Colby Covington

I sit down with Colby Covington only DAYS before his UFC welterweight title fight. We talk about life, preparation, respect for Kamaru Usman and what to expect from Saturday night and beyond!

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44 Responses

  1. Survival Russia says:

    The very best Colby interview I have watched so far. Respect!

    • YouTube Connolly family says:

      @Sean OMalley undefeated best MMA fighter all time there is no debate on this he got a tattoo of him. Don’t give me that crap he thought she was 18 LOL you can tell if a girl looks too young. Plus He did it more than once. But yeah good luck with you obviously you don’t know much about it

    • YouTube Connolly family says:

      @Mike Hansen One thing he’s not lying about is the fake nut shot.. everyone even the haters know the champ faked that

    • technodromen says:

      @Sean OMalley undefeated best MMA fighter all time dude! why didn’t you post this as an orignal comment. Hahahahha. This is gold.

    • Anggi Seksi says:

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      ” Wow that looks so delicious i wanna eat it so badÓ╭╮Ò”
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      Everyone talking its true
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  2. mmadigest says:

    This guy reps his sponsors really well. He brings that Bang Energy can to weddings and funerals

  3. cameron says:

    finding out DC recruited Colby for college is neat

  4. j c says:

    Man is it me or does Daniel seem like the coolest guy to be around, seems like a great dude who seems genuinely interested in the people he talks to, thats a great thing to have

    • Shadi Pirnouran says:

      Ask Ariel his old friend how nice and genuine DC is!

    • Casey Ryan says:

      DC is the greatest ambassador for MMA ever.

    • j c says:

      @Nevada Karl lol thats awesome man, ive been in the same situation and i felt hella stupid lol! Its funny cause i could care less about any actors or anything like that but these gladiators deserve some props

    • G says:

      @Justin John I think he ok he is a good interviewer but also in the heat of the moment he is bias but it’s hard not to when you see fighter you know and get on with so well not to jump on the hype train

    • NEGUS CHÅNCE says:

      DC respects him but deep down he know he’s an AH no matter how much clean air u bring around, his ego always cash checks that arrogance cant buy!😉🤑😂

  5. Pob Tsuas Vaj says:

    Damn Mr.Cormier, your interviews are effing legit! Everyone seems to open up more for your interviews. Your questions, vibe, and energy definitely make this. Keep them coming good man.

    • GOATJames says:

      Much easier to open up and talk about your profession with someone you know for a fact went through what you did. It’s a different level of respect. Guys like Ariel are fine for the sport, but their interviews won’t be as genuine as a fighter just talking to a fighter

  6. Christwo4 TV says:

    What are the odds that he would be associated with one of the greatest rivalries in UFC history? Recruited by D.C. for wrestling and roommates with Jon Jones in College. Small World.

  7. Kaneki Belhaj says:

    I gotta say DC, that was a brilliant interview you did. The questions, the way you lead the interview and the way you was able to break down Colby to show the real him. You’ve really took it to a new level in this new career! Double Champ!

  8. Superman1 says:

    If Colby pulls off the upset when he’s already the betting underdog there’s no way in hell Dana White waits to make the trilogy it’s automatically booked if Colby beats Usman and as well as it should be. Usman vs Covington is proving to be one of the greatest rivalries in ufc history.

    • UncoverTruth says:

      Agree. Colby wins then no. 3!! Let’s GO! 💪

    • grittygram28 says:

      Colby hasn’t improved his game at all . #andstill

    • Edward Marucci says:

      @grittygram28 the last fight was so close I don’t think there really needs to be much improvement. I think whoever shows up the better man that night will win, these guys were almost made for each other haha

    • L L says:

      @Edward Marucci usman finished him and usman was really emotional that fight , if you see usman now hes chill and he’s improved that stand up game. Colby entertaining but usman going to go down as the 🐐

  9. Ghosts Inc Wayne says:

    Colby is hilarious. There are people who can’t grasp what he’s doing. He’s brilliant. Great interview. DC and Bisping are both killing the YouTube game!

  10. Mitch Whelan says:

    Can tell how much Colby respects DC by being giving his most genuine interview in the last 4-5 years

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