The Fourteenth Doctor is Here! | BBC Children in Need 2023 | Doctor Who

The Fourteenth Doctor is Here! | BBC Children in Need 2023 | Doctor Who

The Doctor accidentally lands the TARDIS at a pivotal moment in the creation of his deadliest enemies… 💥
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47 Responses

  1. Ivo Kintober says:

    I love how although this is a funny skit it’s also cosmically horrifying, no matter what the doctor does he cannot stop the dalek and actually contributes to their existence an immense amount

  2. TheoPembo says:

    This skit provides so much lore and could set up a potential future young Davros storyline, whilst also being incredibly funny. Russell T Davies story writing is just absolutely brilliant

  3. Warpsmith West says:

    I like how Davros looks mad when he’s actually thinking about soft robotics and how much more effective it could be then a claw.

  4. The Tenth Planet says:

    And now we know, David Tennent’s still got it. The moment he stepped out of that box he was the Doctor.

  5. Gabrielle Fawver says:

    It’s so surreal having David back after nearly 20 years and having him still fit perfectly into the role, plus more Julian Bleach as Davros. This was brilliant and I’m so looking forward to these specials, it’s gonna be Bananas!!

  6. Ceridwen Aeradwr says:

    You can tell just how much fun David Tennant is having back in the role XD

    • David Wolfish says:

      Oh was that David Tennant? I thought it was just a new guy who happened to look a lot like him. Huh, funny. I’m sure the casting director will feel like a right old fool when they realise they accidentally cast a previous Doctor as the new one.

    • kimchi says:

      @David Wolfish I was a bit confused as well at first but I looked it up and it’s definitely him!

    • MikeRiderOOO says:

      And he did this all on his birthday so you can tell he was having some fun there!

  7. ChippyGaming says:

    This was fantastic

  8. DisneyMagicFanatic says:

    “Why, I ask of you my brand new friend, why?” Immediate friends with a random stranger all while pondering the mysteries of the universe like it’s just another afternoon tea. No questions asked. That’s The Doctor that I know and love!

    That charisma. That charm. That lack of social etiquette with a dash of boundless wonder. He’s still got it! I’m so excited for the 25th!🥳🥳🥳

    • 태선우TaeSunWoo says:

      His 11 & 13 was showing so hard here. Love it

    • Tristan Hathaway says:

      “my brand new friend” was VERY 13.

    • DisneyMagicFanatic says:

      @Tristan Hathaway I definitely see a little bit of each of them in 14, and Tennant embodies it all beautifully!

      He did the same thing with his performance as 10, evoking bits and pieces of all the previous regenerations in one charismatic package, all while still doing his own thing. It’s marvellous!

  9. sandra says:

    what an amazing short, i couldn’t stop smiling throughout!! and to see david tennant as the doctor once again feels so perfect and right. it’s as if he never left the role behind, fitting right back into it with the same energy and quality delivery as always. i know this is subjective and in reality all actors playing the doctor are wonderful in their own right, but to me personally if there was ever to be an actor gifted with the chance to return and play the role once again, then i’m perfectly glad and satisfied with it being david tennant. i am just so overjoyed for him to be on our screen once again as our beloved doctor. i don’t think most fans will ever let go of the love we have for him in this role and the thing that makes me happiest is that i know he carries the same sort of intense love for doctor who as well.

    • Janice Krieger says:

      I have watched Dr Who since 1963, David Tennant is my favourite and it is thrilling that he is back for the 60th anniversary along with Donna (Donna Noble has left the library, Donna Noble is saved).

    • Google User says:

      This scene ALONE beats any of the episodes of the previous inferior female doctor.

    • swanclipper says:

      you’re the people they want to appeal to.

      “Doctor who” is a literal, untopppable, undying GOD who can travel anywhere anytime including it’s own timeline and history. so…. of course you like it. you’re the idiots who would likely forget the whole story has been destroyed by idiots who think they know what’s best for idiots that have the memory capabilities of a goldfish.

      if you can forget you’re watching an undying god, then sure it will be interesting as far as interesting goes for idiots.

    • Google User says:

      @swanclipper Need 9’s story with 10’s acting, 11’s twists, 12’s self references, and 13’s effects

  10. Thomas Howard says:

    Holy crapola is it a hoot to see Tenant back in the driver seat. You can tell he’s missed being the Doctor.

    • Simon says:

      Yes. Pretty stupid of him to leave in the first place. He was still very young and should have done a couple more full seasons. He had plenty of time to do other roles still. Its not like he has had worldwide success since. He went to America and his tv show failed there (Rex is not my Lawyer) and his film remake of Fright Night did not do well either. He ended up back here doing more kitchen sink dramas like that one where he played a serial killer and then his role as that demon in Good Omens, which he played EXACTLY like Doctor Who with the same accent and manner and even some of the lines and phrases he used! Still he is a huge fan of the show and always gives 110% unlike Whitaker that hated the classic era and had nothing but contempt and ignorance for it. She just turned up said the lines and went home and it showed onscreen. Worst performance as the Doctor I have ever seen in the worst era of the show with the lowest ratings and popularity of the 2005 – era….it says a lot.

    • blue vortex png says:

      @Simon bruh lmao david tennant is a critically acclaimed tv and stage actor (outside of doctor who and good omens he’s most known for jessica jones and broadchurch) and is one of the most well known british actors today??? one cancelled tv show and a mid movie (which frankly, he stole the show there as just a side character) is nothing when you look at the rest of his filmography. and tbh i think you need to watch good omens again if you think he played crowley even remotely similar to the tenth doctor, his physicality and attitude and tone of voice are completely different (if you want a comparison, watch the clip of crowley in the burning bookshop and compare it to the doctor watching the master die in his arms. similar element of “losing your centuries-old close friend”, but they’re completely different characters and performances). he left doctor who at a really good time with RTD and i would take his three seasons of quality over it being drawn-out and extended past its time.
      i can’t say anything about whittaker, since i’ve never watched her seasons past a few clips, but even in this 5-minute special i recognized tennant reflecting some of her doctor’s mannerisms. clearly the two actors are friends and have a ton of respect for each other and their work.

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