Sonic The Hedgehog Stunts In Real Life! – Challenge

Sonic The Hedgehog Stunts In Real Life! – Challenge

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We tried to replicate movie stunts from Sonic the Hedgehog! By the way, the stunts lately have been getting a bit easier, so please let me know which stunt videos you want to see in the future so that we can make things more challenging!

When I was a kid I used to play Sonic Unleashed ALL the time. Also the opening cutscene is SICK. So, with the new movie coming out, Nick and I decided to compete against each other by taking stunts from Sonic and replicating them in real life! Whoever loses the challenge has to dye their hair blue just like Sonic. 🥲 (if that happens I’ll probably end up looking like the original live-action sonic design 🤢)

Huge credit to Nick Pro for making the original video and therefore giving us this idea! He’s amazing at parkour and flipping, check out the links below after watching our video to see him do the stunts wayyyy better than us, lolol.

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If you read this you automatically have to go watch the opening cutscene of Sonic Unleashed its SOOOOOO GOOD.

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25 Responses

  1. Zealous says:

    Which movie stunts do you guys want us to try next?? Let us know! (we’re starting to get better at flips so we need harder stunts from you guys 😤)

  2. Brick Science says:

    AMAZING! the effort these guys put in on their stunts are crazy!

    • Natasha Rivero says:

      @Don’t read profile photo I did lol

    • Andy Crowley says:

      @Jayden Mendez Bro? Really? My pronouns are they/them. Bro is a derogatory term that is often used to put down person’s without any family such as myself. You’re creating a toxic climate with your words and that is an act of violence.

    • Jayden Mendez says:

      Brick science didn’t know you watch these guys

    • Jayden Mendez says:

      @Andy Crowley huh? Bro this is the LEGO brick god and your talking about gender pronouns. He said that related to such wtf?

    • Andy Crowley says:

      It’s 2022. Please leave your binary gender pronouns inside your head and stop triggering the rest of us non binary persons.

  3. Avery the Cuban-American says:

    “Jump off a building and then we have to stall out like Pinocchio”
    ah yes, an even more yassified version of the Lionsgate Pinocchio…instant classic. Still appreciate the fact they chose Jim Carrey for the role of Robotnik. He fits it perfectly

  4. ShockWaveCreatives says:

    This series will never get old! 🤣🤣🤣

  5. FuriousBalloon says:

    Man those edits! Keep up the good work dude!👏 (also the muscular hand shake got me 😂)

  6. Spider_Boy59 says:

    The sick thing about watching you guys is that I live in Colorado myself and do parkour. I go to the flip shack near cheyenne but it’s so cool watching you guys go to places like aircity and the fact that I’ve been there is SO amazing. Love your videos and have a nice day!

  7. Brooks Holt says:

    Great vid bro!

  8. Chris Duckett says:

    also loved the vid, great stunts and editing as always!

  9. Shayne H says:

    Zealous deserves 20 million if not more subs than he has now

  10. Chad Cook says:

    We getting back on a weekly schedule now? Love it!!

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