THE GAME AWARDS 2023: Official 4K Livestream (Monster Hunter, Alan Wake, Light No Fire)

THE GAME AWARDS 2023: Official 4K Livestream (Monster Hunter, Alan Wake, Light No Fire)

Celebrate the best in video games and see what’s next at THE GAME AWARDS, streaming live in 4K on YouTube from Peacock Theater in Los Angeles. Geoff Keighley hosts this global showcase of video games with performances by The Game Awards Orchestra and more.

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51 Responses

  1. @DABOSS190 says:

    Flute guy continues to be an absolute legend

  2. @uwuskrt615 says:

    Best Family Game: 5:56
    Innovation In Acessibility: 16:28
    Best Esport Athlete: 20:30
    Best Esport Coach: 20:46
    Best Esport Event: 21:01
    Best Esport Game: 21:29
    Content Creator of The Year : 29:33
    Best Performancer: 40:18
    Best Narrative: 1:03:45
    Best Debut Indie Game: 1:17:49
    Best Action Game: 1:28:13
    Best Art Direction: 1:28:33
    Best VR/AR: 1:28:51
    Best Mobile Game: 1:29:8
    Best Audio Design: 1:44:14
    Game For Impact: 2:00:52
    Best Score & Music: 2:13:32
    Best Independent Game: 2:13:50
    Best Community Support: 2:14:06
    Best Fighting Game: 2:14:23
    Most Anticipated Game: 2:14:43
    Best Ongoing Game: 2:26:26
    Best Adaptation: 2:54:10
    Best Action/ Adventure Game: 3:08:34
    Best RPG: 3:10:57
    Best Sim/Strategy: 3:11:12
    Best Sports/Racing: 3:11:29
    Best Multiplayer: 3:11:47
    Player Voice: 3:12:03
    Best Game Direction: 3:18:49
    GAME OF THE YEAR: 3:34:54

  3. @riegen. says:

    Honestly, Activision getting straight up roasted by Christopher Judge is top tier 👌💯

  4. @LeafStrace says:

    Wow, no one bragging with BG3 winning or complaining that Spider-Man didn’t win a thing, only the flute guy. That’s a whole different side to comments and I love it!

  5. @Danieldialga says:

    Man i just love Christopher Judge. The character he plays, the voice acting and now … roasting call of duty live on stage. What a guy!

  6. @n.crypted says:

    I Cried when Neil Newborn’s announced as best actor! Totally Deserved!

  7. @rajngm18 says:

    That flute guy deserves an award

  8. @themajesticspider-man6116 says:

    Fugging hell, Christopher Judge’s drip is always SO on point. He never fails to deliver on both the art, acting and clothing aesthetic.

  9. @JoeFanik says:

    When you create a game that scares other developers because they’re not built like you, you know you deserve to be crowned Game of The Year

    • @trendybistro says:

      Because there are so many triple A game companies making CRPG games lol. It’s like inXile and ZAum are the only companies in that genre and they have 70 employees and 100 employees compared to Larian’s 450, and not going to lie I prefer their games a lot more.

    • @pistolman44 says:

      ​@@trendybistrocrpg games are a niche genre, so the fact that larian managed to bring in so many people who have never played a crpg before and got them to love the game makes me feel like they 100% deserve game of the year

  10. @RickReasonnz says:

    A game dev that is so committed to his game that he goes to an awards show in a suit of FREAKING ARMOUR kinda deserves the win, huh. Keep making games, Larian!

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