Marvel’s Blade | Announcement Trailer | The Game Awards 2023

Marvel’s Blade | Announcement Trailer | The Game Awards 2023

In Marvel’s Blade, Eric Brooks is the legendary Daywalker, half-man, half-vampire torn between the warm society of the living and the rushing power of the undead. From Bethesda and Arkane Lyon, the studio that brought you Dishonored and “DEATHLOOP”, Marvel’s Blade is a mature, single-player, third-person game set in the heart of Paris, now in development in collaboration with Marvel Games.

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48 Responses

  1. @Webber-sr3xk says:

    Now that’s a character that deserved so much a game

  2. @MARKRebels says:

    I could’ve shed a tear when they said it’ll be a third-person single player game.

    Thank you Arkane Lyon!

  3. @whuspr says:

    This game really makes you feel like ice skating uphill.

  4. @valdirberbert9361 says:

    Nobody talking about the comic book inspired textures, one of the thing that hypes me the most about this game is the art style.

    • @andray310 says:

      I actually saw that and really like it at first , just hoping they’re going for more photo realism in the game though as blood might look goofy if the graphics look too much like deathloop and spiderverse.

    • @zchelmerjoashgamboa7366 says:

      ​@@andray310nah that goes hard actually. Make the blood bright red.

    • @andray310 says:

      @@zchelmerjoashgamboa7366 i have no doubt the colors will pop, I’m jus saying graphically compared to Spider Man, it looks more “art” influenced and not real world if you catch my drift.

    • @chooz8027 says:

      Looks like valorant tbh

    • @InfernoDelta12 says:

      @@andray310 which in my opinion makes it better as it’s trying to reflect the source material

  5. @jjbizzare96 says:

    Getting a fresh line up just before running the fade is the most Blade thing ever

  6. @moretoknowshow1887 says:

    Honestly, this was the announcement I was most excited about. We’ve needed a true mature Blade title for quite some time. Glad to see Arkane Lyon handling this..

  7. @edwardknox9269 says:

    This NEEDS to be good.

    It can bring alot of much deserved attention back towards Blade if it is. I hope they dont rush it.

  8. @iraford5788 says:

    This was the best announcement at the game awards in my opinion.

  9. @mandrews6282 says:

    Man I didn’t know how much I needed a Blade game until now. Would make for an awesome game premise actually. Looking forward to this one and glad to see Blade getting some love again.

    • @chrisschuber9149 says:

      He was in at least one of the Marvel Ultimate Alliance games… unlockable as a cool surprise playable character in the Ghost Rider game.. and he had his own game. I’m old, though.

  10. @laubra5227 says:

    The art style feels like a mix between into the spiderverse and Deathloop(which makes sense considering it’s the same devs as Deathloop)
    I’m hyped for this because
    1. The art style
    2. Blade
    3. Deathloop was one of my biggest surprises for how much I liked a game

    • @tauronation7193 says:

      This is what scares me most, I know gameplay will be just fine, but looking at spiderman 2 you just know wolverine is going to be a looker. Xbox needs a true hit with some staying power and this could be it, just wish they would try photorealism for this instead of him looking like he’s pulled straight from deathloop. This will be compared to insomniac games whether we like it or not.

    • @MagnitudePerson says:

      Agreed, this game has me excited, Plus its made by the “Lyon/French” Arkane, not the other one who made Redfall.

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