The Inside Guys React to Damian Lillard’s Historic Bucks Debut | NBA on TNT

The Inside Guys React to Damian Lillard’s Historic Bucks Debut | NBA on TNT

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47 Responses

  1. antho says:

    “34 u were a scrub”, EJ got me dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  2. John "Jail" Eastman, Ex Atty At Law says:

    Giannis probably grinning from ear to ear in his sleep.

  3. VibanGigan says:

    What’s scary about the potential about this duo is the lack of selfishness and inability to share that spotlight. These are two guys that love the game the right way

  4. Rob M says:

    Man that “I had a good run. buddy” at 6:12 struck a chord in my soul, I dont want any of these guys to retire ever.

  5. SuperNASCARrocks says:

    Giannis and Dame just have to do what they do and everything will take care of itself. These are 2 of the greatest talents in the league who’s skill sets will compliment each other well and if they go and do what they do on the court each night, success will come.

  6. Charles Southerland says:

    4 people on the 76ers combined for 102 out of 117 points that’s kinda crazy

  7. Aaron Sung says:

    I like how Kenny is a far lesser player than chuck but takes himself the most seriously. LOL. always funny when he got roasted.

  8. BabyFaceRob says:

    Giannis’ conditioning is crazy. To play that hard and be efficient doing it….deserves more credit 💯

  9. Carter Sims says:

    Feels good to have these guys back in my life lol

  10. Mar_ says:

    76ers should give the keys to Maxey

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