The Last Thing To Ever Happen In The Universe

The Last Thing To Ever Happen In The Universe

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The universe today is happy and healthy, with exciting things going on – but at some point the night will turn dark. Everything that once was, will peacefully sleep forever.
But what is the last thing that will ever happen? Let’s travel to the end of the universe…


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36 Responses

  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell says:

    Get 50% off your first month of KiwiCo at with code KURZGESAGT.
    This video was sponsored by KiwiCo, thanks a lot for the support!

  2. Advan Aviantoy says:

    Kurz will never stop being a savage towards Brown Dwarves

  3. Well Played says:

    As long as this is not the last thing to ever happen on this channel, we’re good.

  4. hedgehog3180 says:

    The description of electrons like passengers on a train is actually a surprisingly good one that also works for explaining stuff like the conductivity of metals and the photovoltaic effect.

  5. Keyierce Animations says:

    Huge respect to the animation team
    …for their insane amount of effort!

  6. Goldensupmanz says:

    Just the very concept of atomic scale mini reactions, caused by extremely weird and rare occurences, taking place in a dark and empty void over a time scale so inconcievable it completely overshadows time scales that are already inconceivable and eventually causing a massive supernova that lights up the universe for one final time is genuinely breathtaking to me

    • D00mnoodle says:

      I assume multiple supernovae, since there will probably be many black dwarfs

    • fallenstar17 says:

      @D00mnoodle yes but there will be one last one

      allthough imagine that SOMEHOW multiple supernova remnants have bounded together to make one last pseudo black dwarf wich explodes again? lol

      also they completly ignored the expansion of the universe, before ANY of that the universe will have expanded soo much that the weak force holding the atoms breaks and all matter ceases to exist on the current form

    • D00mnoodle says:

      @fallenstar17 i’m no physicist, but my gut feeling tells me that the whole black dwarf would be moving away from the universe’s center when the universe expands. And not necesarily the black dwarf itself disintegrating because it expands outward. But correct me if i’m wrong, i have no proof of this and it’s just something that seems likely to me.

    • kooskoos1234 says:

      @D00mnoodleisn’t current theory that the universe has no centre, since when we looked at several different points, everything was moving away from them or something like that?

  7. Matriarhat1 says:

    Kurzgezagt are the only people that can describe the end of all things and still bring a smile on your face.

  8. Roy Busch T. says:

    Wow, this is mind-blowing stuff! The thought of a universe slowly extinguishing itself over billions of years is indeed humbling, isn’t it? But it’s comforting to know that we’re still in the exciting phase of the universe’s life. Thanks for this deep dive into cosmic evolution. It really puts our existence into perspective.

  9. OwlFilms1 says:

    I love how this episode combines theories explained before and adding more dimension to them. These videos have made me think about these things more thoughtfully and it’s nice to see how they hold up against our current understanding of it all. I love you guys, you are absolutely amazing!

  10. OverestimatedForesight says:

    Thanks to Isaac Arthur for first teaching me about Iron Stars, and for Kurgzesagt doing an amazing job animating the concept

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