The Coolest ‘Country’ Flag You Need To Know

The Coolest ‘Country’ Flag You Need To Know

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52 Responses

  1. CGP Grey says:

    Hey everyone, I don’t often like to ask, but if you don’t please consider supporting the channel on Patreon:

    The video has gotten incorrectly copyright flagged. Hopefully it will be fixed soon, but it’s moments like these that make me double appreciate all my Bonnie Bees! 💚 🐝 💚

    • Ian Nogueira Simões says:

      If you find this flag cool, just check out Brazil’s flag. It is a flag that have a star map of the south night sky within it, and each star represent a state from the federation, with the most up north (Amapá) state being represented above every other, since it is past the Equador line (represented by the line that cross the globe on the flag)

    • JOMOGO says:

      It looks near identical to the ethereum logo

    • SmileyR6S says:

      It was E.A. … wasn’t it ?!

    • Ron Paul Should'a Bean President says:

      ​@Luigi Patterrz(Wohao_Gaster) lmao 😆

  2. Cryonicprawn says:

    I can’t believe Grey didn’t spend 8 months and a plane trip to Redwood City to see if EA knew about the origins of 3D World Atlas. He’s come such a long way since Staten Island.

  3. Looney Alchemist says:

    This sounds weird but I was seriously concerned for Grey’s partner freezing to death and Grey just monologing to a frozen corpse.

  4. Sousy M says:

    For the sake of Grey’s wellbeing and mental health, I’m super glad he managed to contain himself.

    For the sake of my own cruel and easily distracted mind, I’m slightly disappointed there was no hour long descent into existential madness.

    I am a bad person.

    Simple or labyrinthine, our household is going to end up watching it 12 times and rewatching the entire back catalogue anyway, just like we do every time there’s a new video CGP Grey video.

    We will create our own descent into madness, as it should be.

  5. Lennart Guldbrandsson says:

    My favourite part of all my favourite parts of Grey’s videos is his wonderful voice-over. Not just the sound, but the emotions. So much glee, or anger, or confusion, or hesitation, etc. Of all essay YouTubers I watch, this is the pinnacle of voice-over. What an acting talent!

    • MochaBloke says:

      On his and Myke Hurley’s “Cortex” podcast where he talks about his work (among many other things) you really get a sense of how much, time, effort, and revision he puts in to make the quality of script and audio so polished. It’s impressive.

    • The Cyber Rabbit says:

      He’s mastered the art of being completely deadpan while also showing so much emotion

    • Julian Emery says:

      Indeed, his voice is very expressive and dynamic without being too over the top

  6. Asterozoan says:

    For anyone wondering, the flags at 0:43 are (from left to right):
    Oskar Pernefeldt’s proposed “International Flag of Planet Earth”,
    Pascal Lee’s Mars flag,
    The flag of Gondor from Lord of the Rings,
    An unidentifiable pizza-looking flag (maybe an invention of Grey? Seriously no idea),
    And what looks like a stylised German heraldic eagle [edit: turns out it’s the flag of Syldavia from Tintin]

    • Michael on Youtube says:

      @diggoran I though I might have recognized it from somewhere and it was definitely the Colorado flag. The colors are very similar.

    • RogerWilco says:

      Ah, an easter egg so obscure, even Grey’s audience has trouble figuring it out.
      This must fill him with joy.

    • Uplink says:

      Looks more like a triangular block of cheese to me – a part of a circular block of cheese.

    • diggoran says:

      The pizza flag looks like it took inspiration from the Colorado flag

  7. basedhalo 730798 says:

    Imagine telling EA that they could possibly have a right to Antarctica’s flag.

    • Joedh says:

      @Danielle Tinkov This version of the deal also applies, with $5.99 antarctic flag penguin plushies coming to target from 1/09/2023.

    • Joedh says:

      Starting at $15.99, you can buy the antarctic gamepass, which gives you free antarctica fortnite skins, and for $199.99, you can buy the ultra antarctica gamepass, giving you the right to look at and take a screenshot of the antarctica flag. Alternatively, you can do this deal as 12.99 a month with a 3 day free trial, which excludes taking the screenshot

      Furthermore, no contract is refundable. Thank you for your time.

    • Toaster Bath Challenge says:

      DLCs and mobile versions of Antarctica incoming.

    • Super Pokemon Bros. says:


    • Scott Owens says:

      They might just claim the whole continent if they knew

  8. Jomo Jas says:

    We’re all very proud of you Grey for not going back into the forest. Even if it did take you 3 months to make a 5 minute video

    • Silk Neon says:

      He didn’t, actually. He made a rule this year to make it so he has a one video buffer, so that for sure he has a video for December, which is the most important time to put out a video. He talks about it on the most recent theme episode of Cortex.

    • C. H. says:

      I’m not. Those are my favourite parts of his videos! I put up with his irritating fetish for alliteration to see those bits!

    • dx1403 says:

      Many have ventured into the Forest of Knowledge, but few have returned, at least with their minds intact…

    • Daniel Li says:


  9. The Phantom says:

    I can’t wait for the follow-up video to this where Grey actually reveals to us how much time this actually took

  10. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    That shot of the symmetry between the flags of Greenland and Antarctica was the most satisfying thing ever 🤤

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