The Live Birth Of Our Baby Girl

The Live Birth Of Our Baby Girl

She is finally here. Watch till the end for her official name reveal 🫶

Thank you so much for your love and support during this journey. We love every single one of you ❤️

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Sarah’s Insta: @sarah_bee
Derik’s Insta: @derikbeeston
Jack’s Insta: @jackbeeston_
Tiktok: @sarbeeston / @derikbeeston


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24 Responses

  1. Sarah Gray says:

    I could not stop crying after she was born. Sarah, you did so incredibly well with your labor and delivery and Lo and Derik were so supportive during the entire process. 💞 Welcome to the world Sunny Marie. 💗

  2. Ashlea Maguire says:

    How lucky are we to share this with you guys. She is adorable and now I want another baby! (5 year old twins Mama here!) Love from Australia 🇦🇺❤️

    • Nobantu Nhantsi says:

      I have 2 year old twin girls and I’m also broody from watching how beautiful this was! My hubby wants twin boys next🤣😳 I’m like, whoah there sailor. Slow down!🤣🤣

  3. Nala says:

    And she still looks fresh as a daisy when most of us looked like we’d been battered by Mike Tyson after giving birth 😂❤ congrats guys, she’s beautiful ❤🎉

  4. Jessica Felix says:

    Sarah, that was the most graceful labor I have ever witnessed. My first thought was how much hair she came out with. I also cried watching this miracle taking place. Great job to Auntie Lo for stepping up to the plate and cutting the cord when Derik couldn’t! May Sunny Marie be as great of a blessing to your wonderful family as her older brother, Jack is. Sunny and I share the same middle name ❤

  5. Isa de Andrés says:

    I’m 39 weeks pregnant today for the first time and I’ve literally cried watching this. I’m scared but I can not wait to live this (I wish it would be like yours) and see my baby’s face ❤️
    Congratulations from Spain!

    • Talcarey Ifill says:

      Don’t be scared I did it 5 times you will be fine

    • tmalloy9 says:

      It’s always a surprise the first time. Just take it moment by moment with no expectations. Expect pain and do not be afraid of it. Relax into it. Deeply. Feel the difference between pain with tension and pain with relaxation. You have this completely in your power.

    • Jordann Tweed says:

      You’ve got this momma! We are made to birth, your body will know what to do in the moment and soon you will hold your sweet babe in your arms. Prayers for a safe and healthy birth! 💛

    • Rebecca says:

      Congratulations to you from the uk and hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well . I’m 29weeks pregnant with my second baby it’s an amazing experience really is ❤

    • Sarah Christopher says:

      Best of luck! Scream all ya want mama….the baby will so totally be worth it…

  6. Kate Fowler says:

    I’ve been an L&D nurse for over 22 years and this is legit top 3 most calm, quiet “Oh, we had a baby!” births I’ve seen. Congrats, Beestons. She’s perfect.

    • Sam G says:

      @Gramma Neé wait what? Also I heard blowing air out opens the vagina. Is that true?

    • Krystal Daniels says:

      Oohh that would have to be an awesome job!! You help bring tiny new humans into the world every day! AND what you do is soooo insanely important to those new mamas. Youre the person theyll remember forever when thinking back on the biggest day of their life💕💖💕

    • tmalloy9 says:

      @Serenityblu23 learn everything you can about a healthy normal birth. Watch loads of normal births. Get comfortable with your body. If you’ve suffered trauma, work to heal your connection with your body. Get comfortable with your breasts and bottom. You’ll be working with them. You need to be friends with them, familiar with their needs and care and how they work. Have faith they were designed for this, just as you trust your heart to beat and your muscles to move. Learn how to relax into pain. Have a trusted friend press the area below your ankle between thumb and finger and learn how to relax everything around that pain. Think ahead. Plan for success. Good luck!! Good work!! You’ll feel achy and spacey while in labor. It’s your body trying to get you to hold still and let it get the job done. Go with that. Melt into it. If you do, it becomes amazing. ❤

    • Smiley 😆 says:

      I have a question.Is it normal that the skin is so white at the beginning?Just curious

    • tmalloy9 says:

      28 years and ditto!❤

  7. Dana Darkness says:

    Congratulations! Not only are her eyes open, but she is focusing them already! She’s gonna be an intelligent one <3

  8. Cindy Scoggins says:

    Welcome to this world, Sunny Marie! Congratulations, Beestons! I can’t wait to see Jack meet his baby sister! 💞

  9. EmilieNicole says:

    Congratulations! She’s beautiful! She reminded me of my daughter when she was born. She didn’t cry at all, just looked around calm as can be. She was my second too. My son was my first and he was the opposite, screaming to the world. Good job mama! All you guys did a great job!

  10. Hope Cullers says:


    Welcome to the world, Sunny Marie! We are so so SO excited to have you here with us! Your parents and brother already love you so much and they’re gonna take such good care of you. You’re gonna have the best life EVER!!!


      👆👆 Thanks for your, Text us on Telegram to claim your prize ❤️🎁..

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