The Mandela Catalogue Vol.1 [RESTORED EDITION]

The Mandela Catalogue Vol.1 [RESTORED EDITION]

THINK Principle / M.A.D. Narrator – Nolan David
MCPD Narrator – izzsplash
Cesar Torres – theprocrastor
Mark Heathcliff – Alex Kister

FireCat Productions – VHS Effect Assistance
Thorne Baker (Teenage Disaster) – Intruder 3D Model

Special thanks to Alex Kaizo for TMC fan work that inspired some scenes of this video!

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45 Responses

  1. Nexpo says:

    Genuinely horrifying. Insanely well done remake Alex

  2. Exquisite_Crap says:

    What I like about the remade scene with Mark and Cesar is that it takes a more subtle approach on Cesar’s “duplicity.”
    If you think about it, *Why would Cesar be so calm while he’s racing his mother to the hospital, after having just found her out cold on the floor no less?*

    Edit: Name corrections

    • ENG L says:

      @FeenieVonKarma haha funny story im 30 i just was vehemently against the idea of having a phone didnt get one till i was like 20 cause well my work basically forced me cause things changed so frequently you couldnt rely on what you were told hours ago .

    • FeenieVonKarma says:

      ​@👁️B l i n d _ E y e︶ I thought it was more that he was _lacking_ emotion? he sounded pretty dead inside.

    • FeenieVonKarma says:

      ​@ENG L I’m gonna say that I must be an even older person than you, because my first mobile phone was nowhere NEAR a touchscreen lmao, it was one of those indestructible Nokias 🙂 (am 38 lol)

    • 👁️B l i n d _ E y e︶ says:

      I could *hear* the lying in his voice oddly enough. I’m an Empath [according to my mom] and I can tell emotions easily. Though, he fooled me the first time. Second time around, though.. Not so much.

    • ENG L says:

      @Susan Taylor as an old person i can now inform the youth that my ma totally had a cellphone in 92 and we were on foodstamps so i know they were cheap .

  3. lixinader says:

    This is the definition of horror, no cheap jumpscares, no screaming 24/7, just sheer suspense and chilling atmosphere

    • OneWhackMan says:

      @Ricardo Von Pepsistein I can count on one hand the number of jumpscares, we watching the same thing dude?

    • Invisicat says:

      @Zach Houston Man if only I had my headphones in when I watched

    • Zach Houston says:

      That fucking knock at the end actually got me pretty good. The sound came from the direction of my door and I jumped

    • starchaser says:

      @onyXXX as a big tmc fan im sorry but i really have to agree with ricardo here, there isn’t just a type of jumpscare. and a big (sometimes almost entire) part of a jumpscare is loud noise.
      but that being said the story still uses much more psychological horror than jumpscares lol.

  4. Cole Kiesler says:

    Despite the original looking much more memorable and more unique, this remake still manages to bring back that nostalgia that the original used to have. I do like how things in this remake are a lot more realistic and more eerie making the scenes feel actually real and not something we usually see in a generic horror movie. Alex’s skills on making horror has come to the point of him earning an Emmy for all of his work, honestly I am still really glad the Mandela Catalogue is still a thing.

  5. Pastra says:

    It’s absolutely insane how much of an improvement this is. Not only does it have a much more consistent art style, but the effort to make it far more immersive and realistic is great. Seeing how old scenes could be presented in a new a terrifying way made it feel like I was watching it for the first time again! Absolutely amazing job

  6. DamageMaximo says:

    Please don’t delete or privatize the original video, it’s so iconic

    • M3xP4nd4 says:

      @Firewood Media perhaps, although it would not make sense since that would be fixed by removing Overthrone and not just ignoring that part on Vol. 1. My hypothesis is that the remaster actually was made (in universe, of course) by Gabriel as a way to change the narrative of the Alternates once got rid of Dave.

    • heroicidiot says:

      @Taiga Akatora It’s still up. What are you talking about?

    • LePhantome Noir says:

      I love this

    • Taiga Akatora says:

      And he did it anyways but you can still find it reupload somewhere else so it ok i guess

    • Firewood Media says:

      @M3xP4nd4pretty sure it’s a copyright thing but I could be wrong

  7. Marty Martinez says:

    The fact that this was completely unnecessary, yet Alex still went back and did this just shows how impressive of a filmmaker he is. Unbelievable work. 👏👏

    • Marty Martinez says:

      @Firewalk with Juno real

    • Poppy says:

      He did said back then in some video’s comment section that he will remake the first episode of the series after hearing some fan suggestions.

    • Firewalk with Juno says:

      I go through phases with his work but this is really solid as an improvement. I still think the original was the best of the series and this doubles down imo

    • 876 productions says:

      Walten files did this, revamping it and adding new content. But this up an changed it entirely and not one part.

  8. Ins3rt-Name-Here?! says:

    DUDE THE WAY THE CAMERA TIME CHANGED TO THE FAMOUS “Bad decision Mark!” GOT ME SO GOOD! Great job Alex. You’ve really improved!

  9. Ryan Knudsen says:

    The amount that Alex has grown his skills in the span of a few years just shows the sheer talent and determination he has👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  10. InternetIndleHorrorThings says:

    I love how Cesar is now smiling,
    because we already know what’s gonna happen.

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