The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience | Teaser

The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience | Teaser

Watch the teaser for ‘The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience’ here!

Get ready for a glimpse into the future of interactive storytelling and entertainment with UE5.

Created by members of the original movie team including Lana Wachowski along with Epic Games and partners, ‘The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience’ is a wild ride into the reality-bending universe of ‘The Matrix’ that features performances by Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss.

Pre-download ‘The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience’ for free now:

Stay tuned for The Game Awards on December 9, when all will be revealed! Find out more here:
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41 Responses

  1. Kam Fam Films says:


  2. Cinematic Captures says:

    I mean this looks pretty real to me, you’ve got me convinced

  3. Junior Mattos says:

    I want a new Matrix game 🙏🏽

  4. furynotes says:

    This may be. The perfect time to make a matrix game.

  5. DeFi Specialist says:

    OMG the Keanu Reeves model is CGI! Insane I almost fell for it

  6. Kinos141 says:

    A Matrix game where you play as a person waking up to the Matrix, meeting Matrix characters from the movies would be hella dope.

  7. White Devil says:

    That CGi Keanu looks actually really nice :O The only thing that gives it away is actually the eyebrow animation, I can’t point it really out, maybe too snappy that’s like 70% what reveals it to me. The eyes this is even harder to point out, I would say the reflection and maybe I miss micro movement. And the main hair shader which looks smooth, the coloring is alright, I would also say more in the direction of reflections. The rest is pretty much on point.

    • Chris B. says:

      It’s all the hair for me, especially on the head. They take care to make sure enough of it moves to look realistic but not enough of it moves to be realistic. It also just doesn’t look like real hair. Very realistic though.

    • ericIIDX says:

      The reflection in the eyes seems somewhat inaccurate. Not enough light refraction, and no camera to be seen. This is being extremely nitpicky, but hey, Keanu asked the question!

    • Rush x1 says:

      All very true however, this took time for you to analyze. I am pretty sure you did NOT get the same feeling when you first saw the clip. Of course then ,the next impulsive reaction would be to stop the video in order for you to convince yourself (or not) what you saw was real. This is what is crazy scary about AI progression we are seeing,today.

    • QwertyDude says:

      @Rush x1 the progression of technology is so fuckin crazy man. imagine going back to 1999 and telling someone that this wasn’t real, but was generated in real time.

  8. BattlefrontESP says:

    I cannot wait for the bugs!

  9. Kuraikari says:

    All the comments thinking it would be a new game:

    It’s just a tech demo. So don’t get your hopes up. It’s there to promote the power of UE5.

    • Kenny Hill says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me if it was also to assess interest in a new game too.

      After all UE5 is the perfect engine to show it off if they can get Nanite and Lumen working with dynamic (skinnable) meshes and foliage too.

    • Oblivion says:

      Wait so you know this tech demo thing will it still have the features of a game like something to play? Because I still really wanna play something so will this matrix tech demo still be like playable

    • Joosh MaGoosh says:

      I’m happy it exists just not that this is essentially a big teaser of what games in 5 (give or take) years will look & perform like.

    • Joosh MaGoosh says:

      @Oblivion he never said he knows what it will be/ if it even is a game, it’s just speculation. Through really if you’re familiar with the business his guess is pretty educated.

    • Joosh MaGoosh says:

      @Kenny Hill God i can’t wait till we get devs really pushing UE5 supported hardware to the tits.

  10. JackBauer137 says:

    Can tell it’s not real, something about his cheek bones

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