The New iPad is Weird!

The New iPad is Weird!

The new 10th gen iPad is one of the weirdest releases in years.

Get that Camo Windbreaker:

Apple iPad 10th Gen at
Apple Pencil 1st Gen at
Apple Pencil 2nd Gen at
Apple Lightning Adapter at

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Tablet provided by Apple for review.


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30 Responses

  1. vidIQ says:

    Can you check to see if connecting the USB C to lightning adaptor to lightning to 3.5mm adapter to 3.5mm wired Apple earpods work?

  2. Lee Richard says:

    Makes you wonder, if the Pad design team is actually one team or multiple teams which does not talk to each other during the design process.

    • mø. says:

      @Dove That’s EXACTLY the answer he needed, great answer 👍

    • Ties L says:

      You said it right.

    • Dove says:

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    • v3xman says:

      They’re obviously inspired by Google

    • sithlordmaster181 says:

      It’s one team, but they also don’t talk to each other.

  3. NikTek says:

    Remember when we used to get good upgrades on a product every year while the price remained the same?
    Yeah that’s not happening anymore

    • Kyle Frye says:

      @M7md Amin Eh I don’t think so. I think Apple is doing just fine. What they are struggling with is keeping and retaining top talent for their industry. Which I feel like this iPad perfectly displays that. Usually yearly updates on their products used to break the internet, so to say. I only heard about this iPad because everyone on TikTok was roasting it haha. Just like the iPhone 14 Pro just hasn’t sold as well as they had hoped.

    • Orang says:

      @M7md Amin it’s not, just apple being a greedy company

    • M7md Amin says:

      I wonder if it has to do with inflation?

  4. True Cuckoo says:

    Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the Apple Pencil gen.1 in the press photos.

  5. Ahmed Nabil says:

    This is one of the best tech reviews i’ve seen for a while!
    No crazy b rolls, Straight to the point, Consumer sided, Logical and critique in a useful way. 👏🏻

  6. sappyjohnson says:

    Love how you remain so honest. That’s why you are the best reviewer out there.

  7. Mert Eren Çakır says:

    Im still using 7th gen and it works perfectly (no freeze or anything), i like the design more too and gen 1 pen is so ez to use, charging is super super fast so it hanging out from the charging port for a while doesnt concern me (not that i use my tablet for charging, there are outlets everywhere to do that) and i still have the parts of it from the og box cuz i use a offbrand keyboard that came with a magnetic case (i dont even know its brand lmao) that has little carvings for keeping those pieces. That keyboard was 300 turkish liras when i bought it, now its around 400-500 turkish liras so around 20 dolars but it works perfectly, also its adaptable for android and pc too. And I use logitech pebble cuz its super cheap and way better then og mouse. Also lets be honest we have apps like lumafusion that uses external storage (also premiere rush plans to add that feature and the app is free) to edit vids and safari to use shortcuts which when you add them they act like real apps and we have cloud storage (i use both icloud and g drive so i dont even need to pay for extra storage) so we dont really need a pc like storage. My ipad is 32gb yet even tho i have 4 games that are around 1-5gb and other apps (around 10 core apps like pages, collanote and etc.) that are around 100mb-1gb, i still have around 6gb storage left which allows me to edit small vids. Just learn how to handle the storage and use apple’s office apps instead microsoft cuz they work with icloud. Drawing apps have no problem too, you can open almost infinite new tabs and etc.

  8. Mike's Vegas says:

    I’ve seen the 9th Gen iPad on Amazon for $279 ! Can’t be beat ! Now that this New iPad is available, I’m wondering what the ‘Black Friday’ pricing will be on the 9th Gen 🤔

  9. Some stuff I thought you might like says:

    Agree with your conclusion; strange value proposition.
    I love that Apple added fingerprint button. So often I’m not directly in front of my camera when I want to pwr on.

  10. Neill Braganza says:

    The way Marques breaks things down is probably the best out here. Simple, Efficient and leaves the viewer in a good space to make a decision. Problem solver MKBHD. 👏

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