The NFL on FOX crew updates Antonio Brown & what Michael Strahan hopes for his future | NFL on FOX

The NFL on FOX crew updates Antonio Brown & what Michael Strahan hopes for his future | NFL on FOX

On “The OT”, the NFL on FOX crew updated the Antonio Brown situation with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Michael Strahan talks about what he hopes for Brown moving forward.

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The NFL on FOX crew updates Antonio Brown & what Michael Strahan hopes for his future | NFL on FOX

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55 Responses

  1. Scott Deaton says:

    Mike Evans and Brady really tried to help him out, only good teammates would do that. Antonio must have some good in him, they wouldn’t do that for a terrible person.

    • Bender says:

      @Bill Macdonald so your someone who’s never been on an Elite team before and don’t understand sports at that level. Good day.

    • btetschner says:

      @Bender Bender= A follower to the very end. Luckily for you, you are doing to prove how dumb you really are.

    • btetschner says:

      You responded to my comment (in a way that just showed how much of a follower you really are). Now you are going to stay here and have a conversation OR show just how much of a coward you really are by fleeing.

    • btetschner says:

      @Bender How long have you had those feelings of worthlessness?

    • Sasori says:

      @Bender Not a hater just being objective about it. When Tom played for the Pats there were a few instances of cheating. That isn’t to take away from Brady’s skill but to ignore that would just be ignorant.

  2. No Thanks Bro says:

    Props to Evans for trying to calm AB down although it failed due to AB’s misbehavior. If he didn’t wanna go back into the game then it’s gotta be due to him being injured again or the other receivers taking too many snaps over him. AB’s career in pro football is done.

    • Bender says:

      @David Emme maybe it was the coaches that set him off? arians was a loser coach for decades. Why did he win when Brady got there? because Brady brought a winning culture with him that arians doesn’t know anything about.

    • Bender says:

      @Kevin Wight it was 1million in incentives.

    • Chris Night says:

      @BBG INC He didn’t practice on Friday and was a game time decision, he was injured all week and Arians was looking for a way to dump AB

    • Don Scoopez says:

      @BBG INC yOu don’t even know the reason to be calling him that who’s the real 🤡

    • Don Scoopez says:

      Y’all expect perfect from him but you’re not even close to that n tbh he didn’t have any Problems this year til the vaccine card thing came up y’all act like dude created locker room chaos mane who raised y’all to look down on People n not have the full story??-

  3. Janaff Hawk says:

    I feel for him so much. Like yeah everyone is laughing and joking about it cuz it’s funny and meme worthy but seriously if you removed all the bad off the field things. AB is one of the best players of his position all time he was definitely hall of fame caliber. Watching a insane career like his go into the toilet like this hurts my soul.

    • Trump2024 thank you for your support says:

      You need a BETTER SOUL….!!

    • ROBO GREEK says:

      @Josh Daily you guys are assuming hes got mental issues which is a possibility but its also a possibility that the dude is a spoiled punk and how does cte cause you to assault women?? guy just thinks hes better than anyone….in my opinion

    • Josh Daily says:

      @Dan Ryan He’s got the numbers and accolades to do so but yeah they’ll prolly freeze him out no character issues and he’s a lock

    • lblayde says:

      @It’s in the WORD2 naww, T.O. ain’t been in trouble it was him and team mates getting into it,

    • Josh Daily says:

      @ROBO GREEK The way he carries himself in general you can definitely make that connection that he’s just a POS person. But to me the impulsivity of his actions that are drastically outside societal norms shows enough for me that it’s mental illness. Don’t get me wrong I’m not supporting him and all he’s done, and I don’t feel sorry for any multi-millionaire celebrity. I do emphasize though with having the psychological issues he’s obvious dealing with it’s gotta be a torturous existence, and he’s probably not making it to 40 at this pace, 50 is out of the question. Something’s gonna happen.

  4. Ricardo Masvidal says:

    Sad that this is how AB is gonna go out. He’s gonna have a great documentary on Netflix one day

  5. Lakota Kramer says:

    my buddy would eat lunch with AB back in college… He tells me every time AB is on the news that something is up. Man was so nice and caring, to see him like that has been rough.

    • Eric PS Chen says:

      Mental health

    • Sekiro Shinobi says:

      @Gregory McCann yeah that was absolutely tragic. A mix between CTE and drug/alcohol/steroid abuse. Hopefully AB can get the help he needs

    • BC Kranto says:

      He wasn’t “normal” in college. He had issues way back then.
      He had issues before college.

    • [Terminated Account] says:

      The news didn’t make him take off his pads, his jersey and do jumping jacks shirtless while the Buccs were on offense

    • K and C Salt Assassins says:

      Dude is broke. He didn’t even want to pay a man moving his stuff in Tampa. Or and fake Vax card.Can u imagine having millions and now living off maxed out credit cards. I’d be pisses off crazy too.

  6. gary scandle says:

    Well said Mr. Strahan let’s hope he reaches out for help.

    • Sean McCalla says:


    • Devon Nortan says:

      @Larry Mosher Yeah saw that, Straham made fun of Brown on the post game show when he imitated Antonio by giggling and walking off the set, Bradshaw and Curt were also having a big laugh, they phony ingnorant crew!

    • L.L S. says:

      It would be nice to see a MRI and PET scan of his brain.

    • cxmachu says:

      That’s the key, he’s gotta want the help though.

    • Mario Realzola says:

      @L.L S. It would be nice if you guys would talk about the true issue that a coach cared more about a game than his players health and fire them and kicked them off the team because that player who said he wasn’t healthy enough to go in didn’t want to go in 💯🤡💩

  7. Michael Payne says:

    I think Michael Strahan sums it up perfectly. If there is something wrong hopefully he’s able to get the help he needs.

  8. Chris L says:

    please let’s get him help, many are acknowledging his mental state, we should not wait to take action. he can be saved! please not let this be another heartbreaker

  9. CD-Ram Reacts says:

    Let’s hope the NFL reaches out to help him. Treating him for CTE could help him and other players in the future.

    • possumverde says:

      Unfortunately CTE can’t currently be diagnosed, tested for, or treated. It’s still in the theoretical stage with just a list of possible symptoms and the physical condition of the brain associated with it being evident only with an autopsy. Psychological care to help stabilize his behavior is likely all that can be done.

    • AlphaDragonGaming says:

      @bill neilson under normal circumstances he still is very soft spoken and seems humble. Just he has these over the top outbursts 🙁 He def needs help though.

    • bill neilson says:

      @AlphaDragonGaming He did have some minor character issues before the NFL, but was genuinely reserved on the field. This just highlights that he can no longer stay focused on the game and can’t control his thoughts and emotions. CTE is quite impairing.

    • Clark Hull says:

      What if he doesn’t have any traces of CTE? Then what do we blame it on?

    • Dats a paddlin says:

      @bill neilson he’s always been reserved until he don’t get what he wants. The bigger his fame got the more extreme his random outburst got. He may got CTE but he also just has flaws in general too. It’s not all just CTE. Dude just don’t need to be playing anymore and get his life together.

  10. AlyxStyle says:

    I trust Tom Brady. In the postgame interview, Tom was genuinely worried for AB. So I think he needs help. If it is in fact CTE, he really need help. He’s exhibiting a form of schizophrenia. He thinks the whole world is out to get him.

    • Don Scoopez says:

      How are you people coming up with all this and you’ve never been in a meeting, locker room convo with them to be having such strong opinions or insight on what’s going on lmao y’all are bat 💩

    • Charles Vaughn says:

      Thats exacty what i was thinking. My cousin suffers from schizophrenia.

    • Gregory Bullock (Fade) says:

      They stopped that man from getting his bonus. He didn’t go at the media last week the way they wanted him to go asking him about the jab. So the powers that be stopped that bonus

    • Bender says:

      @Bob G so their out to get him and its his fault? lmao. Ok then.

    • Don Scoopez says:

      @Gregory Bullock (Fade) nah they didn’t actually Bruce arians was tryna put him back in the game he refused none of us will never know fr that’s why his teammates ain’t saying nothing it’s real disrespectful to assume he’s schizophrenic or it’s because of “cte”

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