The Official GTA 6 Trailer Announcement (Confirmed by Rockstar Games)

The Official GTA 6 Trailer Announcement (Confirmed by Rockstar Games)

Can’t believe we’re finally here. Rockstar Games has officially confirmed that the GTA 6 trailer reveal trailer is coming early next month!

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Link to Rockstar’s tweet:
Background gameplay:

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40 Responses

  1. TmarTn2 says:

    Uploaded over 1,000 GTA V videos to this channel… think we can beat that in GTA 6?

  2. TGG says:

    We made it, doesn’t even feel real… Keen to see your GTA 6 content mate!

  3. Slipstreamz says:

    The fact that this is actually happening is unbelievable. We have a whole month to prepare for the greatest trailer ever…

  4. CetoLoco says:

    12 years later and it’s finally happening…can’t believe it.

  5. Harper says:

    Your commitment to delivering high-quality content is worth celebrating

  6. Red T says:

    All these years later, it feels like the beginning of the end for the GTA V era.

    • Diablo14 says:


    • Jonathan Burns says:

      Yes. The beginning but, I don’t think it will end quick. We must remember Rockstar still has another DLC/Patch planned for GTA5/GTAO that has yet to be released. It is a little wierd when you think about it; Announce GTA6, but still are not done with the GTA5/GTAO content? Its odd.

    • NOBLE6 says:

      ⁠​⁠@Jonathan BurnsGTA 5 is their biggest game how else will they earn money

    • Nock says:

      @Jonathan Burns its a cash cow….you dont just drop a cash cow until you’ve kick started the next one

  7. ternera says:

    My brain can’t believe this is actually happening.

  8. AD says:

    Rest in peace to all who didn’t make it to see the trailer 😔

  9. A . B Shah says:

    It might be a billion years late but it’s finally happening. It’s still surreal to me that we are finally getting Grand Theft Auto 6.

  10. gytis lasiunas says:

    So hyped for the next gta i hope it’s going to be good it will change gaming for sure😀

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