The Marvels – Movie Review

The Marvels – Movie Review

THE MARVELS is the MCU’s latest cinematic DLC release. It’s a movie….
Here’s my review.


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33 Responses

  1. Joshua Lord says:

    Calling everything post Endgame a DLC is an absolutely perfect metaphor for it.

  2. Caveman Hikes says:

    I’m very excited to see the box office results after this weekend. I’m guessing it’s catastrophic. I’m guessing it’s not the reviews that will get Disney’s attention but how much money they’ve wasted.

    • Taylor Swift Sr. says:

      I think it will dropped hard in the second weekend due to The Hunger Games

    • Gnarwhal says:

      Personally, I think that they knew it was gonna bomb leading up to its release, but because it’s been in development since the first Captain Marvel, they sunk way too much money into the project and had no choice but to release it in theatres (as evidenced by the multiple delays of the film)

    • Jonathan Rodriguez says:

      The only thing studios care about is the money

    • Marychocolatefairy says:

      Indeed, that would send a strong message. But they definitely care about reviews, too; otherwise they’d not have made Rotten Tomatoes change its entire ratings system just to prop up the Captain Marvel movie, lol. I mean, “Ms Marvel” was a flop, but Disney still kept touting it as the highest rated MCU show on RT. And so far “The Marvels” is one of their lowest rated movies by critics, in the same sphere as bombs like “The Eternals” and “Quantumania”. So I think they’ll be paying attention to that as well as the money made (or not made).

    • Iip Ahmad Rifai says:

      Most Disney Exec doesn’t care, as long as they can push their agenda and they get enough salary, Investor …. that’s different story, too bad these Investors still can’t push Disney to change.

  3. Kameron Franklin says:

    First-time commenter. Just had to say how much I loved the “woof” punch-slap at the end. It is a wonderful expression of both the fatigue Marvel audiences are experiencing and the half-hearted effort Marvel Studios appears to be giving.

  4. zerowinters says:

    really respect you for being brutally honest about this. ppl are so pissed when this movie is criticised

    • A Person says:

      You’re right. And that’s interesting. This movie and many like it for the past few years occupy two different spaces. One is entertainment, the other is social politics. Because this movie has pretty much an all female cast, writers, and director. Some feel as though giving it a negative review is somehow sexist. Many movies that make it a point to advertise the identity of the actors instead of the quality of the story usually fall flat on their face. This seems to be no different.

  5. Haridas Palleeri says:

    I think Iman is probably the only thing remotely good about the movie. And I think its exactly what you said. She genuinely is a fan and is passionate about the character.

    • Scruff D0g says:

      I think that the popular opinion, she is the main star of the movie and has bright future ahead of her.

    • Taylor Swift Sr. says:

      I think most people liked Iman in this role and I wish her the best for her future. Hopefully she gets gigs outside Marvel because she’s super talented

  6. ShadowDemon 22 says:

    We always thought AI would attack us directly with bioweapons, nukes, restricting/controlling essentials (water, electricity, food, etc)…instead, they attacked our media, giving us horrible entertainment and slowly sapping our collective will to carry on. Well played, AI, well played 👏

  7. Daniel Quintanilla says:

    I believe Disney + was probably the worst thing that could of been done with Marvel Studios. It’s now bloated, stretched out, and it feels there’s a lot of pressure to put more with less.

  8. MandoLFC95 says:

    I think we need a spoiler talk or even a state of MCU discussion with Jeremy. Because there has been so much Marvel film and tv content and especially in the last 5 years and it is to a point where it is like “what is the plan…” like yeah Disney will do as they please until the actual children as their target audience says “this sucks” but i don’t even know if we will get that far.

    • Nicholas Gilvin says:

      They already had great content in The Punisher, Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist (was meh but watchable) on Net Flicks until they cancelled it. Peak Marvel just to move on to high dollar poop.

    • comeandballs says:

      No he doesn’t need to make that video because every other youtuber has already made it. People have been saying the MCU is dead since Endgame, don’t really need Jeremy to say the same exact stuff

  9. Kurohei says:

    As people have said, the best MCU villian is Ultron, because he downloaded the entire internet, and decided that humans have to go.

  10. ManlyPelican says:

    “The kings are dead so the kingdom shall fall” feels like an apt representation for what is happening to the MCU.

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