The Reveal: Dick Van Dyke Is the Gnome | Season 9 Ep. 1 | The Masked Singer

The Reveal: Dick Van Dyke Is the Gnome | Season 9 Ep. 1 | The Masked Singer

SPOILER ALERT! Dick Van Dyke is the legendary celebrity behind the Gnome mask.

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Hosted by Nick Cannon, with panelists Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger and Robin Thicke, “The Masked Singer’’ is a top-secret singing competition in which celebrities face off against one another while shrouded from head to toe in an elaborate costume, concealing his or her identity. With each performance, the host, panelists, audience, viewers and even the other contestants are left guessing who is singing behind the mask. The singers may attempt to throw off the crowd, but keen observers might pick up on tiny clues buried throughout the show. Each week, a singer is eliminated — and then reveals his or her true identity.

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The Reveal: Dick Van Dyke Is the Gnome | Season 9 Ep. 1 | The Masked Singer

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21 Responses

  1. Supreme Kai says:

    I cried my eyes out seeing him. He was an essential part of my childhood and made me keep my imagination alive even when everyone else’s faded. He is the staple to an American childhood, I grew up watching Mary Poppins, and just seeing him made me cry.

  2. dbb yellow says:

    The most legendary contestant ever to appear on this show. Holy smokes.

  3. Thomas Casillo says:

    A legend in more ways than one. What a great reveal to start off with this season!

  4. darla richards says:

    This has got to be one of my favorite reveals from the show so far. I was so happy about this! He looks so good for 97!

  5. cjpew says:

    Brought me to tears, how amazing. I was also convinced it was Dustin Hoffman even before the judges guessed that. Glad I was wrong, it was so great to see this 97 year old legend!

  6. Alexis Cappel says:

    He is a icon and he still can dance at 97! I love him so much.

  7. William noneya says:

    This man is a absolute legend for those of us who are Gen X. We grew up watching everything he performed in. He was icon of our childhood and a symbol that Hollywood was still something good. Kudos to the judges for standing on their desk to show this man absolute respect.

  8. Kristasaurus Rex says:

    Absolutely appropriate reactions, from the audience and the panel. What a legend!

  9. Delaney Korte says:

    This was the best unmasking ever! This brought me to tears!! I love him!!

  10. Laurie Rivesman says:

    The biggest icon ever unmasked! Still going strong at 97.

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