The Smartest NPCs in Gaming

The Smartest NPCs in Gaming

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54 Responses

  1. General Alpaca says:

    “You never even saw it though.”
    “Doesn’t matter.”
    That is probably the most accurate conversation in the video

  2. Egilz Roshi says:

    the audacity of NPC just going “Leave”. I love it

  3. The Blue Crayon says:

    Dunkey’s AI trolling is why the robots will decide to overthrow humanity.

  4. ry says:

    Lets all agree that Monsieur Saxabar is one of the most based NPCs in video game history

  5. Fabio Fabiobio says:

    I know it’s a bit rough around the edges at times, but this represents a huge leap forward in the field of Assassin’s Creed NPC dialogue and I for one couldn’t be prouder of Ubisoft. Just think, within a few short years the NPCs will even be able to realistically react to when Assassin’s Creed is behind them!

  6. F̡ac͜e͡l̨e̶ss͟ says:

    Genuinely shocking how realistic Saxabar is for an AI, one can only imagine how many millions of real conversations he was trained on to be able to deliver such authentic dialogue.

  7. Super_Ratchet04 says:

    That pause before “doesn’t matter” was perfect comedic timing

    • U Cannot Defeat My Shmeat says:

      That one sincerely reminds me of fluppy

    • Wing Hong Wong says:

      I also love how accurate this is, in regards to “internet arguments”. Think about how many times you’d debated someone on internet in the past about a movie or game, only to find out in the end, “well, technically I didn’t watch/play the game or movie, but here is my 2 cents anyway…”

    • Lucifronz says:

      Guess he didn’t like Captain America.

    • Mr. Kevin120 says:

      I prefer The Amazing Bulk, I haven’t seen it but that isn’t important

    • Bob Dylan says:

      the last conversation w the same npc too was great. how matter of fact he is is just funnny

  8. Jan 😈 says:

    It’s so interesting tho that you can basically turn the conversation to any topic but the AI will still find a way to talk about the investigation. I kinda like that it gets angry too when you actually try to annoy it as well.

  9. Last Exit13 says:

    I’m really impressed by Michelle’s AI, most of the characters in this game are too willing to do literally anything like basic chat GPT, but Michelle is sort of like a real person and pushes back against all the gibberish about Peter Griffin.

  10. Dan_Ganing_Fan says:

    The machines are too powerful, and you’re just trolling them. I’d fear for you if they didn’t love your channel so much.

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