A Sicko Serial Killer and NEVER CAUGHT ?!? Jack the Ripper pt 1 | Mystery & Makeup | Bailey Sarian

A Sicko Serial Killer and NEVER CAUGHT ?!? Jack the Ripper pt 1 | Mystery & Makeup | Bailey Sarian

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Hi friends, happy Monday!

Today’s story is about one of, if not the most, famous serial killer ever- Jack the Ripper. Yes, we’re talking about Jack the Ripper. There is so much information out there about this guy, and his story still sends shivers down my spine. Stay tuned for a part two coming soon!

Also, let me know who you want me to talk about next time. Hope you have a great rest of your week, make good choices and I’ll be seeing you very soon
Bailey Sarian


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41 Responses

  1. Bailey Sarian says:

    Treat yourself to a new case and go to http://www.casetify.com/baileysarian today to save 15% off your order!

    • shanty says:


    • Not PC and Not a delusional enabler says:

      I’m happy that you take time off for yourself, you need it. But did you really need to pick last week?
      I was wrongfully fired from my job, the day after taking some concerns to my boss and refusing to ride the elevator with a co-worker I didn’t want to verbally battle with (because I took the stairs instead, I have a bad attitude), I was seriously needing to hear you tell me a story to get myself out of my head.
      Now I’m 2 weeks from being homeless and all I have is 2 eggs, to last me until my unemployment gets approved.

    • Not PC and Not a delusional enabler says:

      Would really enjoy hearing you tell us about Lizzy Borden, sometime.
      Thanks and much love 💜

    • LizardWhisperer Susan says:

      @Not PC and Not a delusional enablerI hope everything hdts better

    • Lynne Mc says:

      ​@Not PC and Not a delusional enablerHaven’t you got any savings to keep you going until you find employment?

  2. Bailey Sarian says:

    i filmed this before that happened.
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I appreciate you for coming along for the ride and hanging out with me. I cant say thank you enough, it really means more than you know.

  3. Cheri Murphy says:

    If anybody’s interested, Patricia Cornwell, who normally writes fiction, wrote a nonfiction book investigating who was Jack the Ripper. And I honestly think she got it right. A very interesting read.

  4. J R says:

    I’m a British Jew, my ancestors moved to east London in the late 1800s from Russia and Poland. As a huge Bailey fan it’s surreal to hear her touch on my family history

  5. noodlesauce says:

    “No handies in a stagecoach for 5 dollars” 😭😭😭 she’s so outta pocket I love her 💖

  6. 《♡》𝗝𝗮𝗲𝗲《♡》 says:

    Bailey yelling at her eyeshadow is one of the most relatable things I’ve ever seen

  7. Aisha Bea says:

    There’s nothing better than getting out of the shower and tucking yourself under a planket and watching Bailey istg the best feeling.

  8. Bailey Sarian says:


  9. Lucy Lucy Taylor says:

    Can we just appreciate how we get to enjoy a Bailey video in the middle of the worst day of the week😭 she really got our backs, love you Bailey, you’re really a huge inspiration to me, I grew up in a cult and got out a couple years ago! You are such a wonderful role model for so many people out there

  10. Amanda Skiles says:

    I love that Bailey has grown confident in her skills enough to stray (even if it’s the tiniest bit) from her format a bit. It’s been so awesome to watch her become so comfortable with herself and her skills. ❤

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