The Splash Queen! 💦 Renni Rucci Drenches Erica Banks! 😱 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

The Splash Queen! 💦 Renni Rucci Drenches Erica Banks! 😱 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Renni Rucci and Erica Banks have a wine-y sit down in an attempt of clearing the air…


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50 Responses

  1. gurl bye says:

    That drink throw was so satisfying the way it covered Erica’s entire face and lifted off all her baby hairs

  2. Mollysha J. says:

    Renni’s precission is perfect lmao. The drink landed in the right place then she hopped up right after and landed the blow as soon as Erica got up. That’s some damn good timing

  3. Drae Lawson Music says:

    Y’all should make a drink throwing compilation next. Might be an hour long or more 😅

  4. Lil C says:

    Renni threw that drink so effortlessly, I have never seen such good aim. She’s easily becoming one of my favs right now!

  5. C says:

    “Imma show you exactly how much therapy i need.” I love Renni LMFAO

  6. Seena Moon says:

    I like Renni. She’s empathetic. She’s communicative, verbally and physically. And she understands the importance of mental health.

  7. Sharell Mobley says:

    Erica Banks should never said Renni Rucci you need therapy. Unless you experienced what Renni Rucci went through mentally, phsically and emotionally and losing your mother you will never understand how that feels. Erica Banks had it coming for that drink threw her face when she made that comment.

  8. gurl bye says:

    Erica was so embarrassed after they got broken off she didn’t know what to do with herself, she just started nervously laughing. She knew the champagne temporarily blinded her so she shouldn’t have gotten up or Renni wouldn’t have popped her square in the face while she was still trying to see. lmao

  9. Frank Morris says:

    Banks came there trying to make Renni look like she was in the wrong and got the entire script flipped on her. Then acted nonchalant about what she was dead ass wrong for doing yeah she deserved that drink and that bop to the face.

  10. A C says:

    Embarrassed yourself over somebody you’re not even with! Child! Erica let this little bit of fame run to her head.

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