Manchester City vs Sevilla: Extended Highlights | UEFA Super Cup | CBS Sports Golazo

Manchester City vs Sevilla: Extended Highlights | UEFA Super Cup | CBS Sports Golazo

Champions League winners Man City take on Sevilla for the first European trophy of the season in the UEFA Super Cup.

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34 Responses

  1. judah says:

    En-Nesyri should’ve really had Sevilla out of sight with that second chance. congrats to Man City

    • Deprofundis142 says:

      Dude would’ve added $20 million to his value with a hat-trick; literally life-changing chances/misses.
      I would’ve loved watching Peppino/Shitteh lose it too. 😂

    • Who’stheSenate?👀👀 says:

      @Deprofundis142 oh well pal you witnessed us lift another trophy 👍

    • Who’stheSenate?👀👀 says:

      Y’all played really well, hopefully you guys have a better season this year

    • Cyrus Smith says:

      Which chance? He had two, maybe three golden chances he choked away

    • Who’stheSenate?👀👀 says:

      @Cyrus Smith didn’t choke on 3 of them cause Ederson was there to save it . Ederson has proven himself to be a world class goalkeeper.

  2. deadeye gamer says:

    Sevilla is a tough tough opponent. Hats off to them for giving tough competition to this City side

  3. DrFunkadunk says:

    Cole Palmer seems like a pretty solid replacement for Mahrez. He played really well in the Community Shield and then this game, and if you can stand out in a match for a trophy on a current Man City squad then you got a bright future.

    • abcde says:

      Bro he stood out because he was horrible all game. He got saved by scoring. In all honesty it was evident pep was forced to play him . I love city but we have to be realistic he is not good enough to start against good teams and today proved . it it was 2 or 3 of his wrong decisions or mistakes that almost cost city if it wasn’t for Eddy who saved us.

    • Han Jue says:

      ​@abcdehe did more than foden. What did he do in this game . He was hiding.

    • BaboHeechan says:

      @abcdewhat are u talking about, did u watch the full game? I did. He was not as in the first half but he turned into the best player in the second half.

    • abcde says:

      There’s no point in talking with you guys. You’re probably the type of fans that love Philips and want Rico to start every game.

    • Eric says:

      @abcdehe created some chances for ake that could have been goals. why does him scoring a goal detract from his performance? i’m curious

  4. Ibra says:

    Show’s how great kdb is , hes the glue to the team

  5. positive_vibe says:

    Rodri what a pass!! Most consistent player in that team

  6. Dylon says:

    So happy for Walker. Mans just wanted to feel appreciated after coming off the bench the last few games of last season and now look at him, steering the lads to more trophies.

  7. H A says:

    Bono is such an underrated goalie, it’s criminal. He could play in premier League and be at the top of the list EASY

  8. Tom Horvat says:

    Not a man city fan, but palmer is a firecracker, awesome player. The potential that the man city youth players have is unbelievable. Not only palmer, many others. Excellent scouting and youth academy. Wow wow wow. Guardiola doing a good job too, took me years to admit it 😂😂😂 respect pep

  9. Emmanuel Olawumi Adegoke says:

    Even the missed penalty was terrific ❤

  10. Tunde Uade says:

    As a city fan…..I feel bad that we are missing KDB And Gundogan😢

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