The Tribal Court of Roman Reigns | WWE SmackDown Highlights 7/7/23 | WWE on USA

The Tribal Court of Roman Reigns | WWE SmackDown Highlights 7/7/23 | WWE on USA

An incredible episode in the legendary Bloodline saga. WWE SmackDown Highlights 7/7/23. WWE now streaming on Peacock.

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47 Responses

  1. wstine79 says:

    The power of the Tribal Chief lei is intoxicating. It almost corrupted Solo Sakoa.

  2. Spiv Major says:

    Twin bond at it’s finest..
    Jey froze on the “Na na Roman””
    And Jimmy noticed and jumped in to kickstart him memory so smooth..
    Beautiful moment..

  3. Jerrell Lee says:

    I love that angle where everyone is down and Solo is the only one standing, looking at the tribal necklace. Apparently (or maybe just to Solo) the necklace symbolizes true power and supremacy. Lol I mean, did you see the way Solo was looking at that thing? He looked like he caught a contact of what true power was just from holding it. He was even thinking of risking it all when Roman asked for it because he clearly didn’t wanna give it back. He’s not for the Usos but he’s certainly not for Roman neither. At least, not completely. It’s just a matter of time and I love it 🤣

  4. wesama zori says:

    People need to respect and appreciate Roman. His growth as a wrestler, storyteller, entertainer.. etc all of it. He’s evolved so much. He adapted he overcame cancer. He didn’t let anything defy him or bring him down. Respect to the Tribal Chief, you’re acknowledged

    • Ren says:

      facts but all ppl do is hate

    • TornSilence says:

      I respected certain wrestlers growing up for different reasons (stone cold, eddie guerrero, chavo guerrero, rey mysterio, benoit, angle, undertaker, foley, jericho, the dudley’s, the hardy boyz) just to name a few…I respect Roman’s cancer thing but not as a wrestler I guess lol. Not like it matters if I respect him or not, just my point of view.

    • Shane Phoenix says:

      Lmao y’all are hilarious

  5. Mike Marrone says:

    That moment when Solo was looking back and forth between Roman and the Chief necklace was some of the best storytelling with no words in a while. Can’t wait to see this storyline keep going.

    • Antwaine Forrester says:


    • Antwaine Forrester says:


    • Landon Miles says:

      Solo can’t take much more. He’ll break like the Usos did. He will realize that Roman is the ceiling. If he wants to be more than a background player, he’s gotta get rid of Roman.

      This is the best story in a VERY long time!

    • UnoriginalName says:

      He also saved Roman multiple times in this segment (Roman never had to defend Solo), and the stuff in the Money in the Bank match where Roman was mentally broken after the double pin kickout, it was Solo who had to take charge in the match. Solo’s being made to look like an absolute superstar without having to say anything, it’s beautiful.

    • Young Squad says:

      Really he was split between his brothers, his cousin, his family legacy, and the wwe title. He’s been the center of this since he was brought up to the main roster. Once roman goes off to Hollywood, solo will probably take up the mantle as the big guy in wwe.

  6. alexander the awesome says:

    Bro went from barely being able to cut promos to forcing tears out during them he’s great.

    • DJayFreshPrince says:

      Bruhhh this was epic !

    • Anthony Mckinley says:

      Because wwe wanted him as a baby face so he had to say certain thing’s. He always wanted to be a heel because he can say what he wanna say and it comes naturally for him

    • Anthony Mckinley says:

      So it’s not like he couldn’t do it. He just didn’t like it because he didn’t want to say everything all over again

  7. Skillophosy says:

    Who would have thought that the “suffering succotash” guy, the same guy who couldn’t cut a promo for his life and forgot his lines could be the greatest modern day story teller in wrestling. The facial expressions, the real tears, and the off mic talking is just masterful. Well done Roman

    • Daniel Hursey says:

      He was born for this never doubted.

    • Julio-_ 25 says:

      Its way different when u can be yourself and run with it than when someone hands u a script to memorize the moment he decided to do it his way this is what we get the greatest story and reign of all time

    • Angel Elijah says:

      Its definitely easier to be a heel than a face

    • wstine79 says:

      He’s come a long way from “Suffering Succotash.”

    • John Beal says:

      Who would have thought Roman Reigns raffle being the most hated Babyface and WWE to becoming the most talked-about and most popular wrestler of all time and it only took Paul Heyman in the heel turn to get him there

  8. Von Von says:

    Roman:“I Don’t Need This…I’m Done With All Of It

    A few moments later
    Roman to Solo: Give me back my Tribal Chain 😂💀

  9. Ashu Punjabi says:

    This is incredible, this story just keeps getting better and better every week for the past 3 years. Roman’s truly evolved as a storyteller, and his acting has improved a lot because of the Bloodline storyline.

  10. finisher3x says:

    When you hear women screaming, see kids crying, hear bloodthirsty casuals cheering, and 70% of the rest of the crowd in shocked silence . . . . THAT’S how you know you’ve put on an all time GREAT wrestling segment. Roman was excellent all throughout this. From his “concession” that he doesn’t want to be Tribal Chief, to the sheer brutality he and Solo administered on the USOs, this was a flawless segment.

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