The Weeknd – Gasoline (Official Music Video)

The Weeknd – Gasoline (Official Music Video)

Official music video for The Weeknd “Gasoline”. Available now, on ‘Dawn FM’:
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Director & Album Art – Matilda Finn
Production Company – Stink Films
Executive Producer – Ryland Burns
Head of Production – Ari Schneiderman
Producers – Ryland Burns, Cole Santiago, Eli Raskin
Co-Producers – MrMr Films
Cinematographer – Jon Chema
Production Designer – Nomad Art + Design, John Richoux
Stunt Coordinator – TJ White
Movement Direction – C Prinz
Weeknd SFX Makeup – Mike Marino
Demon SFX Makeup – Malina Stearns and Chelsea Delfino
Casting – Esprit Casting
Editors – Matilda Finn and Armen Harootun
VFX – Hugo Saunders @ Black Kite Studios
Color – Simone Grattarola @ Time Based Arts
Sound – Mark Hills @ Factory Studios
Featuring – Olivia Sysack, Jessica Sysack, Erin Green, Desiree Green, Audra Stillwell, Alyssa Stilwell, Isabella Isaziga, Tatiana Tovar, Gyasi Johnson, Jenly Crespo, Janel Carrington,
Stuntmen – Hank Kingi, Gee Alexander, Devante Thomas
Production Manager – Mayte Avina
Production Coordinator – Brent Assayag
Talent Coordinator – Bryce Rackham
1st AD – Jesse Hays
2nd AD – Malloy Chevalier
2nd AD – Mollie Lemm
2nd 2nd AD – Mengyao Liv Li
Cam Op – Benjamin Verhulst
1st AC – James Teninty
1st AC – Erick Aguilar
2nd AC – Vinnie Bredemus
2nd AC – Dumaine Babcock
Techno Op – Clay Platner
Crane Tech – Joe Mullins
Crane Tech – Will Pipkins
Matrix Tech – Shawn Fossen
Matrix Tech – Simon Shin
DIT – Gianennio Salucci
DIT – Daniel Woiwode
VTR – Robert Buckholz
VTR Asst. – Andres Martinez
Photo Asst. – Alexander Fredric
Gaffer – Kyle Bryson
BBE – Mike Cruz
Electric – Armen Gurdzhyan
Electric – Anthony Ortiz
Electric – Claudio Rodriguez
Board Op – Tyler Sanderson
Key Grip – Charles Tae
Key Rigging Grip – Marlow Nuñez
Best Grip – Adrian Estrella
Dolly Grip – Kyle Sorvig
Grip – Daniel Vasquez
Grip – Tigran Aghasaryan
Grip – Igor Kamoevi
Grip – Kyle Hudnall
Grip – Stephan Chang
Grip – Kevin Chiu
Grip – Mike Munoz
Grip – Carlton Hudson
Grip – Mike Lavere
Art Director – Nick Decell
Art Coordinator – Alyssa Lopez
Art Cordinator – Hayley Ramagos
Prop Maker – Andrei Hill
Prop Maker – James Cowan
Prop Maker – Ashton Warner
Prop Maker – Flip Flipelli
Scenic – Dani Manning
Scenic – Megan Genova
Set Dresser – Thomas Castillo
Set Dresser – Elio ‘Gizmo’ Martinez
Set Dresser – Logan Blue
Set Dresser – Max Cunnane
Set Dresser – Frances Munoz
Set Dresser – Danny Araujo
Set Dresser – Amanda Salazar
SPFX Cord – Simon White
SPFX – Art ‘Tommy’ Haynes
SPFX – Albert Lanutti
Weeknd Stylist – Matthew Henson
Weeknd Stylist Asst. – Breaunna Trask
Weeknd Makeup – Christine Nelli
Weeknd Barber – Daronn Carr
Weeknd Tailor – David Viato
Weeknd SPFX MU Asst. – Crystal Jurado
Weeknd SPFX MU Asst. – Richard Redlefsen
Key Makeup – Marcela Osegueda
Makeup Asst. – Bridget O’Donnell
SPFX Makeup Asst. – Meg Wilbur
SPFX Makeup Asst. – Sasha Glasser
Key Hair – Sharif Poston
Hair Asst. – A.D. Lewis
Talent Stylist – Ntombi Moyo
Stylist Asst. – Landon Rivera
Stylist Asst. – Yesenia Carbajal
Boom Op – Andres Barrientos
Animal Wrangler – Aaron Wells
Studio Teacher – Mandy Friedrich
Movement Asst. – Gigi Todisco
PAs – Ryan Morgan, Cole Johnston, Annie Zaruba-Walker, Alejandro Fumero, Ellis Moye, Kevin Fogg, Arnold Juarez, Hayley Spivey, Gee Depratt, Conrad Olmos, Alex Norman, Ricky Cano, Arden Lasalle, Brady Drobny
Location Manager – Casey Sullivan
Gang Boss – Chris Machado
Covid Compliance Manager – Casey Kimble
Testing Coordinator – Laura Manning
Medic – Heidi Rodriguez-Shimel
Catering – Judd’s Catering
Craft Services – Paloma Aguirre
VFX Company – Black Kite Studios
VFX Lead – Hugo Saunders
VFX On Set Supervisor – Robert Olsson
VFX Senior Producer – Tamara Mennell
VFX Producer – Bruce Langfield
VFX Assist – Bruno Fukomothi
VFX Assist – Andrew Curtis
VFX Assist – Vahur Kuusk
Additional VFX – Prosper Unger-Hamilton
Colour House – Time Based Arts
Colourist – Simone Grattarola
Colour Producer – Sean Ewins
Post Sound Studio – Factory Studios
Sound Designer – Mark Hills
Audio Producer – Sadie Poole
Filmout – Metropolis Post
Special Thanks – Norm Li and Whitney Jackson
#TheWeeknd #Gasoline #DawnFM

Music video by The Weeknd performing Gasoline. © 2022 The Weeknd XO, Inc., marketed by Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

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31 Responses

  1. Oxidize says:

    This album hits different, especially laying in the dark at night.

  2. XO Visuals says:

    The visuals in The Weeknd’s videos never disappoint!

  3. Robert Reynolds says:

    I hope Abel never stops creating music. This is writing, production, & presentation all at its prime.

  4. Love Vinyl Style says:

    Desde México!! Disfrutando la poca buena música de hoy! Larga vida The Weeknd!

  5. Malács Kazsolás says:

    I’m amazed at how well this was presented. In case you did not understand it, here is my interpretation: at first we see an old man reaching the end of his life portrayed by driving a car. He is barely able to hear and nature has already begun to reclaim his body (he is covered with bugs). Also, he is confused and drives aimlessly. The viewer can tell that he is going in the wrong direction. He finally crashes into a stop sign which metaphorically means death (“end of the road”). Then he has to face where his decisions have led him.

    We see a barren land filled with selfish and sinful people who only seek physical pleasure. This is a representation of hell. The main character notices his younger self in the crowd, meaning that he was already young when things went wrong although he had the choice to change. At one point a woman wounds him but he doesn’t run away (maybe he is addicted), although we see his regret (tears on his face). The younger self and the older self start moving towards each other, but the younger self does not recognize that the person facing him to actually being himself. Instead, he sees a monster that represents fear and anxiety from the unknown (the future). The younger self kills him but he doesn’t realize that he also destroys his own future. Instead of facing his problems, he acts sinfully and the people around them encourage him to do so. Finally, the two timelines (present and future) come together ending with a murder that seals his fate. He is no longer innocent (symbolized by the withered lily) and he is now a dead person (both literally and figuratively).

  6. Vibe Lyrics says:

    Here come all the masterpieces. #DawnFM

  7. Timmy Ggz tv says:

    You make me feel like Im watching Michael Jackson Thriller you never disappoint your fans with great music keep up the good work

  8. Abdelrhman Dameen says:

    This just proves that the weeknd is light years ahead of everyone, like most critics do not even understand this album yet and the videos are way more complicated for people to digest. people should be happy that they are witnessing this.

  9. Мистер Огонёчек says:

    I wasn’t expecting this but… I love it !

  10. Julia Bond T[A]P ON [M][Y] PlcTuRE says:

    Me gusto como suena la canción, el estilo la música. Todo está increíble. Gran trabajo Abel.

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