Brian Laundrie missing since Tuesday, search for Gabby Petito continues

Brian Laundrie missing since Tuesday, search for Gabby Petito continues

According to the Laundrie family attorney, the FBI is currently searching for both Brian Laundrie and Gabby Petito. Police confirmed Friday night that Brian appears to have been missing since Tuesday.

The FBI and North Port Police were at the Laundrie family home Friday night, removing property that may help to locate him. North Port police maintain they thought Brian was at the home at the time they went in, however, his family said he left days before.


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53 Responses

  1. Old Yeller says:

    Hope he doesn’t commit suicide, then we won’t ever find Gabby

  2. Giovan95 says:

    Brian is NOT “missing”. He’s fled, ran away, hiding. He’s guilty as hell

  3. Anayeli Vianney says:

    I can’t even begin to imagine the anguish Gabbys parents and family are feeling right now especially knowing that the ONE person with ALL the answers to their missing daughter is now *missing* sorry I meant : ON THE RUN.

  4. randi lockie says:

    His parents should be arrested for not saying anything about him leaving earlier. They gave him a big head start.

    • Dream Chaser says:

      @Troy Spears my parents would beat me half to death then call the cops.
      My dad told me if I ever committed a crime he would beat me up first and then drag me to jail 😤

    • Troy Spears says:

      @Wayne Massay dam right they would be a traitor against me in this situation. All loyalty would be out the door if my gf was missing and i was the last to see her

    • Ben Dials says:

      @Sarah Dooley If so, why should they have to tell them where there son is! Would you turn your son over? if he’s telling you where she is and what truly happened! I wouldn’t just turn my son in unless I knew for sure that he killed someone!

    • hello man says:

      I respect his family. Loyalty is a dying trait. Hope they catch this murderer tho.

    • Steve P says:

      @TraceguyRune Withholding evidence, if any person knowingly withholds, alters, conceals, falsifies, or destroys any info, document, or object involved with any investigation. And its an FBI, multi-state investigation, you got yourself a federal crime.

  5. John Hopkins says:

    His parents knows where’s his at. Arrest them for Obstruction of justice. They know exactly where his at.

  6. Joseph Simeon says:

    Rest assured that they know where Brian is. They are just hiding him from the angry mobs.

    • Splice says:

      @Bill Pii chill bill…… baby

    • Mary Sexton says:

      I agree with you Joseph…red flag .. they are just as guilty as Brian !!!! They know where GABBY is and the sister. Knows too.

    • Ben Dials says:

      @Bill Pii Lol! This maybe another Jussie Smollett plot and twist! They are going to find both alive and well! Laughing at all of us fools, buying into there crazy life!

    • Antoinette Simbi says:

      @Bill Pii because police hide things from people all the time. The cops may know more than us. They don’t need to tell the world everything because sometimes it might mess up the investigation. I don’t know if they know more, but that’s a thing that the police does most of the time.

    • Max & Sujy Reacción says:

      @Mary Sexton Yes! You go girl tell them! The uncle also knows, the grandmother, the dog, the dead great-great-grandfather, heck, you probably know too right?

  7. Nikki T says:

    Funny, his parents didn’t care if he helped find Gabby but as soon as he’s missing they call the FBI. Smh.

  8. JohnP538 says:

    Laundrie family attorney: Oh, Brian isn’t missing, he’s out looking for Gabby. Yeah, that’s the ticket. Right….

  9. Kimmie's heART Cafe says:

    Let’s not call Brian a missing person. He’s a suspect in hiding/on the run. What a cluster fvck the family and local police have created.

    • Cat Everett says:

      @Tralala_Beez he’s a person of interest – they should be aware of where he is ._.

    • Cat Everett says:

      @jms it’s not so much politically correct, it’s about caselaw, they can’t hand that attorney stuff he can milk. They need conclusive evidence for a watertight case but so far the approach does have the look pf a bungling one with assumptions being made that should not have been made and should have been checked. i nevertheless appreciate what you mean about the climate and i recognise the people doing their job are human beings, but honestly, to name him as a person of interest while failing to recognise he skipped the scene, if that’s what happened, is very poor in terms of investigative skills.

    • Cat Everett says:

      @Haley Courville exactly. “Obvious flight risk” says it all. ._.

    • Cat Everett says:

      @Tee Moore eh, the last time i saw a comment like this i actually checked statistics, the racialised assumption was false. i don’t think that comments like this are particularly constructive even if you had a point.. It sounds a lot more like you’re taking the opportunity to grind an axe with no respect for the fact that someone has almost certainly been murdered. And you’re wrong, in my view. i can give you other examples of police bungling where the suspect is black, or is of any other background. It is what it is. And that is bungling. Police and other authorities, if incompetent, don’t suddenly cease bungling due to a lack of melanin. Even if that’s your world view.

    • jms says:

      @Cat Everett thanks for clarifying, and understanding what I was trying to say.

  10. Rowan Burden says:

    he’s not “missing” he’s hiding. gabby is missing. gabby is the one in trouble not brian.

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