The Weeknd’s Awful TV Show Ended Early and He’s FURIOUS.

The Weeknd’s Awful TV Show Ended Early and He’s FURIOUS.

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I finally watched episode 4 and episode 5 of The Idol, the new HBO and Max show from Euphoria creator Sam Levinson, starring Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye and Lily-Rose Depp. I wish I didn’t!

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  1. D'Angelo Wallace says:

    hiii thanks for watching 😀 and thank you to our sponsor! if you’re ever injured in an accident, you can check out Morgan & Morgan (their fee is free unless they win!) for more information go to:

  2. Aly S. says:

    I love how blatant the misogyny is. “Tetros was the victim, guys! A girl was mean to him!!!!!! A man!! That proves she’s evil and wanted to be abused.”

  3. eviecoul says:

    Ok I know this WILL fall thru the cracks, but I was ACTUALLY held hostage for 4 days by my ex and the fact that they’ve felt comfortable doing this and essentially mocking abuse victims is so disgusting to me. Like, having gone thru “similar” circumstances in terms of textbook-traumatizing events and having it romanticized is so unhealthy, since I was affected by social media’s interpretation of toxic love. (Edit: thanks for the love and support from this community, therapy works magic and I’m in a much better place! Appreciate y’all 🙂

    • tyunyuh says:

      im really sorry you went through all this 🙁 and i feel even worse because of what a joke they’re making this into

    • madds noelle says:

      That’s so terrible but I’m glad you’re okay now and out of that situation.. I hope you get to have more peace and safety from now on..

      But man this is why shows like this are so incredibly dangerous. stupid rich guys who hate women sit in their fancy houses and create abuse scenarios because it’s all just hypothetical situations and entertainment for them. But there are REAL people who have been through abuse and trauma… for them to do everything they did in this show is an absolute insult to victims everywhere.

      You do not deserve to hear or see shit like this when you’ve literally lived it. If I could delete this show off the face of the earth I would 🙁

    • Myishen Haines says:

    • vglycorpse says:

      That’s extremely scary, I hope you’re doing okay nowadays ❤ these writers are literally so sick in the head for this horrific bastard show. I’m just glad most people are shitting on it to hell and back at least? 🥲

    • Vanadium says:

      Same, held hostage for 3 days and violently raped by my ex…. Really in awe at how tasteless the “male perspective” ended up being with this show.

  4. Sleipnirseight says:

    Hearing them try to convince us and themselves that Jocelyn was ReAlLy iN cHaRgE the whole time sounds exactly like when I was in art school and would painfully BS my way through presenting my half finished projects 😂☠️

    • Joanne Green says:

      Hahaha yes! It totally has ‘ this painting I started months ago and forgot about then finished off 20 mins before the deadline is a comment on gender roles under late capitalism’

    • ann says:

      @Joanne Green ngl I feel like gender roles under late capitalism is totally worth speaking about because of all the incel red pill bs going on

    • Jadzia says:

      @ann yeah i think that’s why they used it as an example of something that sounds worth making a piece about. But the joke is that they actually put no effort into the piece and tacked on a meaning at the end. I used to do this too lol

    • hoothootsis says:

      LMAO YES “we really see her true colours” dude don’t act like you knew, i have flashbacks of my final exam watching you

    • misss183 says:

      As an ex art student LMAOOOO I see it

  5. Zo C. says:

    It’s funny/odd that this show doesn’t make you feel like Joslyn is world famous. She’s supposed to be like a Dua Lipa level pop star and she gets all shy and giggily when Tedros (random greasy club owner) calls her out in his club. Plus, we never see the fall out of anything. We don’t actually see the public reaction to the bad photo that was leaked in episode 1, no celeb news coverage on Tedros, no headlines about Rob’s allegations. Like her people are constantly telling us things that are happening in the outside world but we don’t actually see anything. The hulu movie Not Okay (2022) did a better job of showing the outside world & public reaction to the rise and fall of a celebrity.

    • NurmaBP says:

      I think they forgot about ‘show don’t tell’ rule when you writing a story about a character.

    • a human says:

      ​@NurmaBPPlus they basically had no money to film anywhere else other than Abel’s house and concert venue. I wonder how much the actors got paid, too. I’m sure these big names were not cheap, and you can tell they had to cut so much off that only succinct, good writing would be able to make this show work. And that was definitely not the case.

    • gabriella berman says:

      This is so true

    • auiliamate says:

      Jocelyn doesn’t give Dua Lipa level, she’s not there yet. When she gets on the Barbie Album, we can talk

    • Eileen King says:

      1.) ur absolutely right the only reason why we know she’s supposed to be at that level is just thru lazy dialogue, they tell but don’t show which is so ineffective
      2 I LOVED NOT OKAY!!!

  6. Ava says:

    I think the shittiest thing about the idols production is that when I saw the leaked behind the scenes photos, I could immediately tell what they wanted to convey while 5 episodes just left us all collectively confused. The leaked photos give me ‘britney spears’ and I can imagine them talking about the dark side of Hollywood/pop surrounding the childhood star to popstar pipeline that leaves celebs tarnished mentally. I imagined them covering stories similar to Britney spears, Lindsey Lohan, and Paris Hilton while talking about how Public mental health, dating life (how toxic the men were at the time, still are tbh) and abuse behind the scenes. You don’t need to make an already touchy subject ‘provocative’ when it’s already provocative in itself. Everything was just unnecessary. It was a cool idea and I hope the subject gets picked up by a better team that can convey something actually meaningful and entertaining cause this was a hot mess

  7. Melody Kim says:

    I sometimes see people somewhat defend the show for its visuals, and while I agree that the cinematography’s quite stunning, to me it also highlights the show’s lack of substance. It’s like, “okay this is a beautiful shot, but what is it about? why are we seeing this?”. It tried so hard to present itself to be deep and meaningful without actually being any of those things. That’s also the issue with all the explicit content. People saying, “its HBO, what do you expect?” doesn’t track because plenty other HBO shows have sex and violence but they also have good writing, great performances, and well-developed themes. The show and the way the Weeknd handled the criticisms are so off putting, I didn’t realize how much its altered my perception of him until a Weeknd song comes on randomly one time and I suddenly have the urge to turn it off. And I rather liked the song.

  8. Amber Hernandez says:

    Over the course of covering this series, D’Angelo’s fashion went from grandma to high-schooler to 1990s frozen yogurt crew member, and he’s rocked every single fit 🙏

  9. Diego :D says:

    I get kinda worried bc I keep seeing this trend on modern shows of making the woman the “surprise” villain even though they’ve been showing her character as being good and even suffering throughout the entire show, and even making the man the victim basically erasing all the previous bad things that he’s done in the past… like, why do y’all keep making the woman the villain 👀👀

    • Luigi Nastro says:

      In what other shows does this happen?

    • Bangarang says:

      Game of Thrones- everyone in that show did bad things including Tyrion, but it’s forgiven and forgotten- Dany decides to end the war with her Dragons, after being a reasonable leader and that’s it- she’s evil, k*ll her- so frustrating
      The entire last season still upsets me lol

    • Stevenm 11920 says:

      @BangarangOG comment valid. This isn’t even kind of a little bit valid. The game of thrones ending was shit because the people making it were incompetent. Daenerys LITERALLY commits mass genocide and is rightfully killed for doing so. None of how it ended was good but the idea that it in any way relates the to the messages of abuse and misogyny In the idol is nothing other than straight delusion

    • random Swiftie says:

      Yeah they did this exact thing with The Scarlet Witch aka Wanda… Although I liked wandavison show but then they turned her into an unhinged villainess but she was still the best thing in doctor strange 2.
      I really don’t like this trend of turning sad/tortured women into villains then ruining iconic characters. They really ruined Marilyn Monroe’s image as well in that garbage movie “blonde”

    • Luigi Nastro says:

      @random Swiftie They did do that with Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange 2, but remember at the end of Wandavision? Her mass kidnapping of an entire city is pardoned because she missed her dead robot-man and she had to “sacrifice a lot”, or some shit like that, when she eventually had to liberate the city.
      I call it, “bad writing”.

  10. Anthony Nicholas says:

    The way they try to turn tedros into the victim reminds me of a line from Euphoria about a character who lost her virginity to a 40 year old man when she was 14, “the guy was 40 and she was 14, but honestly she was the one in control”, this is a recurring thing with Sam Levinson, making the obvious victim turn out to be a master manipulator

    • Alan Scytowski says:

      Normal people are very indignant because they do not know show business from the inside out, career is the most important thing there, and all methods of achieving success are allowed. Abel plays a male bastard but Jocelyn grew up in that toxic environment and she’s simply better than him ;). She kept him with her because he would eliminate her opponents and she would still be that sweet innocent lovely good Jocelyn

    • spectre says:

      It’s only a matter of time before a flood of accusations come his way honestly. With his track record, it’s quite telling what his opinions are when it comes to sexual abusers and their victims so I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a bunch of skeletons in his closet

    • Daily Reminder To Shut Up says:

      ​@Alan ScytowskiWhat do you mean by this.. Are you defending the show?

    • Eileen King says:

      That line in euphoria really stuck with me man it was so gross and weird!!!

    • big tasty says:


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