A Studio Exec Tried To Get Harrison Ford To Change His Name | Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

A Studio Exec Tried To Get Harrison Ford To Change His Name | Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Harrison Ford remembers the names of every studio executive who ever wronged him. Plus, Conan remembers his disastrous first encounter with Harrison Ford.

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40 Responses

  1. Jorge Mota says:

    You can tell Mr. Ford was very proud when Conan said “I think you’ve been good to show business”. What an episode.

  2. Giacomo says:

    Harrison Ford’s delivery is absolutely insane, he was just spitting fire during the whole episode lol

    “…that was stupid, wasn’t it?”

  3. OverKill Phil says:

    It’s a crime he hasn’t done more comedy.

    • ExquisiteCoils says:

      ITA! He has a dry sense of humor and fantastic comedic timing. I hope he does in some upcoming projects.

    • kaguth says:

      And yet his humor is there even in some of his action roles like Han Solo or Indiana. Both those characters are funny at times and Harrison always kills the humor and timing

    • Mike Strider says:

      You know what, he does kind of remind me a bit of Leslie Nielsen.

    • Prathap Kutty says:

      ​@Mike Striderthat’s funny because Leslie always reminded me of a goofier version of Harrison.

    • TMV420 says:

      he’s very funny in Shrinking and seems to actually be having fun

  4. OMG Network says:

    it’s so amazing how Ford doesn’t flinch or crack up haha his delivery is awesome

    • Matt O'Neill says:

      He speaks just like Joe Biden. It’s really interesting. Yet no one beats up on Ford.

    • theDinkster says:

      @Matt O’Neill because he’s not the president, is a beloved actor, and seems like a cool guy who isn’t a racist & corrupt politician. also he can speak a coherent sentence and doesn’t forget where he is every 15 minutes

    • i'm everywhere says:


    • Jen Kem says:

      @theDinkster “a racist & corrupt politician. also he can speak a coherent sentence”
      Nobody was talking about *Rump dude. Why bring him up?

    • Tla says:

      He cracked once near the end when Conan called him out for being obsessed with Jerry.

  5. OMG Network says:

    of all the interviews I’ve seen Harrison in through the years, he really could have been a stand up comedian. He is very quick witted and his call backs are very well timed!

  6. shutup2 says:

    harrison must actually like conan, i could never imagine him doing podcasts 😂

    • Alex Kenney says:

      He’s promoting a movie man. It’s called a press junket. He’s going everywhere talking to anyone

    • shutup2 says:

      @Alex Kenney i know i was just being ironic

    • Ronald Familia says:

      @Alex KenneyIt is for promotion, but he’s not going around giving hour long interviews on podcasts everywhere, man, be real. This grumpy mf has always liked Conan.

    • Alex Kenney says:

      @shutup2 that didn’t come across at all. Lol. Have a good day

    • shutup2 says:

      @Alex Kenney bro my point is harrison’s whole personality just comes across as the type that doesn’t do podcasts, i’m just saying it’s funny seeing him do one because he aint seem like that type of guy

  7. Uvalacrosse10 says:

    Gourley is just the goddamn best- that “Physician, heal thyself” pull was lightning fast and perfectly delivered.

  8. Ms. Jai says:

    I absolutely adore Harrison Ford. The acting, the humor, the voice. 😙🤌🏾

  9. Come Fast To Get Into My Body says:

    sona is so great to have along. she just can not contain herself when she begins to laugh. so fun.

  10. PeeVee says:

    The best episode by far. I could listen to Harrison for hours. His sense of humor and timing are insane.

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