The Worst Heat Wave Of The Year Is Coming…

The Worst Heat Wave Of The Year Is Coming…

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In this video we are talking about the worst heat wave of this summer & how it will change our weather going forward…

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45 Responses

  1. Vincent Ramirez says:

    As someone who works 10 hours a day outdoors, in central Mississippi. Please stop. We need rain. I’m tired of drinking well over a gallon of water a day and being soaking wet from the minute I walk out the door at 6:00 am

    • darkaurori says:

      To be fair, you should be drinking close to a gallon of water per day anyway. But I get your point and yeah… I’m over this BS sweltering heat.

    • Brian T says:

      Hello from East Texas I live in the hottest place in the universe next week it’s going to be close to 120 and feel like 300

    • J. B. says:

      I’ve worked outdoors my entire life, and I’ve never seen heat like this. We’ve had droughts. I’ve seen nasty El Niño’s. This is different.

    • 3 catmom says:

      Those of us in Central Texas agree with you. Day 57 of 100 or over and no rain for 8 weeks.

    • Michael W says:

      @Brian T I used to live in San Antonio. I like to check the temperature there from time to time so I can feel good about my decision to escape Texas.

  2. SimpleeKomplex says:

    No hurricanes, please 🙏🏾! A power outage in this heat would not only be uncomfortable but unsafe. I’m just praying to get through this summer unscathed.

  3. Lisa Reis says:

    This is horrible news for the Deep South. We need rain soooo badly! Oak trees are dying or losing leaves in south Louisiana like its fall. We get a hurricane of any strength, the amount of trees coming down will be astronomical.

    • Calamity Leo says:

      Uhhh, well you kinda predicted the path of the storm, it tends to go through the hottest areas, first on sea then on land, Florida is getting hit first. Then after that cools probably Louisiana or Texas

    • Doi Inthanon says:

      I can’t speak for the rest of the south but SC has been getting pretty consistent rainfall. Sucks to hear other areas aren’t getting the same.

    • K Hopkins says:

      California might be hit by a hurricane and most of the south is dry as bone. Do we wear our shirts backwards soon.

    • Michael six says:

      TX is so hot, and I’m close to the Gulf, haven’t seen it this hot this long ever

    • Lisa Reis says:

      @Michael six I feel your pain. I remember this kind of heat but always had rain to cool it off a few times a week. This drought is serious. I’ve never seen oak trees losing leaves in August.

  4. Rebecca Ellis says:

    I have lived in Texas all my life and I know how bad the heat was in 1980 and 2011 but this seems worse. Seems to go on longer and hotter.

  5. James A. says:

    At first I was like. “Damn, I live inside that heat bubble. This is going to suck!” Then he started talking about hurricanes and my thoughts changed to “Well heat is no fun, but at least my house wont get sent to Oz.”

  6. TheHouseOfWolves says:

    As someone who lives in South West of Texas, I say we need the rain badly… for the past several months it’s been pretty bad here with the heat, we haven’t been able to do much. But knowing the possibilities for hurricane season doesn’t make it look any better.

  7. Lisa Lister says:

    Not a report I wanted to hear… but glad someone out there IS reporting on this.

  8. TacticalMattFoley says:

    A storm similar to Hurricane Opal seems very likely. Hatched off the Yucatan Peninsula, strengthened rapidly to a Cat 5 in very warm gulf water and made landfall near Pensacola.

  9. Devyn lich00 says:

    Even as a local to Texas that’s used to heat waves like this even I’ll say this year has been particularly brutal

    • Minty says:

      Agreed, I’m in southeastern louisiana and I’ve lived here all my life (I’m 31) and I’ve never had a summer this hot that I can remember

  10. Steeltone says:

    Had a heat dome in the PNW, it was so terrible. Please be safe! Keep your animals safe! When we had 120 degree heat in Oregon, we didn’t have air conditioning, all we had were fans and wet towels. We lost people and animals to it.

    • Kerry Night says:

      I am so sorry. No place will be safe.

    • ignota says:

      Over 600 people died in BC. I remember our power going out, it was immediate dread like “how long until it’s back?? what do I do??” My place is a sauna in a normal summer, but that was something beyond.

    • Debbie Stinnett says:

      That would be horrid if you are not used to it!!! So sorry. And no ac😢😢😢

    • crispy says:

      @debbiestinnett2987 a big chunk of people in the PNW don’t have AC because this kind of heat *used to* be rare and short-lived

    • ignota says:

      @crispy Also doesn’t help that it tends to have pretty high humidity too, there was a lot of talk about wet bulb temperatures that year.

      I remember seeing 46 degrees celsius on my thermometer, but I don’t think that was the officially recorded high temperature for my area.

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