I Tried SWAT Academy

I Tried SWAT Academy

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Directed by Garrett Kennell ► http://www.instagram.com/garrettkennell​
Edited by Silas Orteza ► http://www.silasorteza.com/​
Director of Photography – Kevin Stiller ► https://www.kevinstiller.com
Sound Mixer – Christina Gonzalez ► http://www.twitch.tv/soundshieldmaiden
Still Photography – Josh DaFoe ► https://www.instagram.com/joshdafoephotography
Production Coordinator – Iris Sullivan
Assistant Producer – Carissa S.

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30 Responses

  1. Michelle Khare says:

    please subscribe so we can convince the secret service to film with us

    • BlueHyena says:

      If Michelle can’t get the Secret Service on board for a crash course in “bodyguard” schooling, her staff or her can always try soliciting one of the many private Close Protection academies out there in southern California. I do wonder if Michelle is crazy enough to try Corrections after all this.

    • Cassidy Valles says:

      What Branch of the military?

  2. In My Dream Wonderland says:

    Yesss We lovee challenge accepted videos 💝
    Also love the new pfp!

  3. Galaxy Dew says:

    Must be great joining the SWAT team!!!!

  4. Karen Foo says:

    As a competitive swimmer people always tell me that it is easy or that it is not a sport. Would love you to try competitive swimming challenges

    • K says:

      Who the hell is out here saying it’s not a sport? I can’t even lift 20 pounds while treading water, that stuff is so hard! Much respect

  5. Cody Kirchner says:

    As a disabled athlete, I’d love to see you try some paralympic sports. I think having a woman like you get on a goalball court, or on a blind soccer pitch, or play wheelchair basketball/rugby would be amazing, and really beneficial to the sports. We need the publicity, and you could do a lot to help with that. Plus, you’d have a blast.

  6. samibear13 says:

    The amount of times I got chills throughout this video is insane. I love this inside look, which humanizes these jobs while being respectful and honoring their daily lives. Huge kudos to you Michelle, you are so strong, and bring humor and education in an enjoyable way.

  7. Pope Anthony says:

    Loved your discourse with the sniper as he described suspect:”He’s not a danger to anyone. He’s just a barricaded suspect.”
    Had a similar situation with a suspect. He had fired 100 plus rounds at officers. When the suspect realized I had a bead on him he surrendered. The whole time, cops with me were shouting “Shoot him. Shoot him.” Street cops sometimes don’t realize the rules snipers have to follow. Suspect was arrested (not shot).

    • Giovanni Warren says:

      This is an amazing story. Thank you for serving and protecting our community.

    • Kadin Williams says:

      Definitely an interesting story, thank you for sharing this.

    • Pope Anthony says:

      @Peter Lankton 1) I haven’t played a video game since 1983.
      2) I was military police 1983-87.
      3) I was a street cop 1989-1994 (and ERT)
      4) I was a cop/dispatcher from 1996-1999 (as a favor to a friend that didn’t want to work alone. I was also working as a hotel manager at the time. It was difficult juggling the two).

  8. Mack Steal says:

    Michelle you did great on repel. Plenty of Army trainees get stuck or start crying on the tower. You sucked it up and got the job done good shit boss lady!

  9. TeenDream888 says:

    the fact that Michelle is, despite being in great shape, tinier than most people doing these things, you have to give her mad props in the jumps as she has a greater disadvantage. she’s only 5’2, that’s _amazing_ ! Michelle, I applaud you for these videos and giving everyone some insight into what goes in to each subject.

  10. Alisson says:

    There should be a special edition doll of you. I can’t imagine how many kids you’re inspiring!

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